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Milly Taiden
I’ve got a new Alpha Geek for you. Meet Axel! 🔥🤓

A sexy new geek is ready to be alpha. Get ready for some romance…with some RAWR.

Alpha Geek: Axel

Alpha Geek: Axel

Alpha Geeks, Book 8

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After taking a job for the Shifter Protection Agency, Emily Jackson finds herself stepping into a laboratory to protect a brilliant science professor. Even though Axel Snell is scorching hot, he’s just a fragile human who she could break in the throes of passion. Besides, she’s already got her hands full protecting him from would-be assassins. Still, her lioness insist he’s her mate. Great way to start a new job.

Axel can’t believe the twisted turn his life has taken. First, he’s being targeted for wanting to create a cure for diseases. Then, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen is assigned to protect him. Just as he makes a note to himself to check the fraternization policy, everything changes for him—permanently and irreversibly. And now Emily is no longer off-limits. Now, she’s his.

Emily wanted a job she could sink her teeth into, and Axel wanted to be part of changing the future of mankind. With danger at every turn and their romance just blooming, have they both bitten off more than they can chew?

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✨ MAGICALLY FATED ✨ Get the Unruly Gods Box Set + Bonus Story for only $.99! ✨

Get 3 full stories and a post Happily Ever After in this Unruly Gods collection.

Magically Fated


Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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After the Happily Ever After

In this short story, we get to revisit the couples in the Unruly Gods series.

You get a slice of life from each of the couples and see them post mating.

This After the Happily Ever After is going to pull it all together for you and help bring a smile to your face as you enjoy seeing the couples and the glimpse into their lives.

Favored by Death

Moros, the God of Doom and Fate, tagged along with his friends out of boredom, and stupidly revealed that it doesn’t matter to him if Chronos unleashes chaos on Earth. Maybe lost his mind after witnessing Sophia’s beauty, after all, she’s making him question going back to Olympus at all. He’d rather stay on earth with her, but he’s pretty sure she’s going to argue that. A lot.

Chosen by the Devil

Hades is desperate to resist his new and unsettling feelings toward the quietest Fate, especially when they’re thrown together on a journey to uncover new information. The bookish Fate is a glowing light in his otherwise dark existence, and he sees that there is more to the raven-haired beauty than she knows. He’s determined to help her harness the full potential of her powers… though he’s losing his heart to her in the process.

Marked By War

Ares, God of War, visits Earth without permission and is caught by Alyssa, a Fate who can kick him to the curb. The God of War vanquished? Never. Seriously, not gonna happen. What he does want to happen is to get a taste of the sassy Fate. But he finds that in addition to his magic being rivaled, this Fate threatens to conquer his restless heart.

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Yum! The grumpy cowboy is a whole lot of dragon!

Yum! The grumpy cowboy is a whole lot of dragon! This paranormal romance is sweet and spicy, with engaging characters and entertaining story.” —Marianne, a GoodReads reviewer

[A] wonderful read, … impossible to put down…” —Sue, a GoodReads reviewer

Grumpy Dragon Cowboy

Grumpy Dragon Cowboy is now available!

Grumpy Dragons, Book 2

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A Rejected Mates Paranormal Romance
* * * Standalone Romance * * *

Big city developer Katherine Taylor needs to prove herself, and she’s doing that by opening a resort in the Colorado mountainside. What her stakeholders don’t know, is that she has an ulterior motive for her location selection. There have been dragon sightings in the area, and she’s determined to learn the truth about the legendary creatures. Of course, she didn’t expect for a real one to be so good looking or make her so flustered.

Colt Rivers is a bronze dragon who managed to evade the Slayers years ago and settle into a little piece of heaven on the Colorado mountainside. When construction begins, he’s compelled to come out of hiding so he can attempt to stop Katherine from building a tourist trap in the area. But that’s easier said than done, when her smile and natural beauty make him forget what the goal is.

The two should be instant enemies, but their attraction to each other is too strong. Sparks will fly, but a couple with this many secrets may fizzle before they fly. And when Katherine needs Colt to put their difference aside and save her, he’s going full dragon for his mate.

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Holiday cheer is in the air, and a famed matchmaker is at it once again…

A Christmas PDA Match unlike any you’ve seen before. It kicks Hallmark in the chestnuts and leaves you full of christmas cheer.

No Time to Scrooge

No Time to Scrooge is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 36

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No Time To Scrooge is also available in print.

Holiday cheer is in the air, and a famed matchmaker is at it once again…

Charlie Zann is a struggling single mother who is thrilled when Gerri Wilder approaches her with a new job opportunity. That is, until she meets her new boss and realizes he’s way too hot and way too into her. She’s made so many poor relationship choices in the past, but no more. This time she’s focused on her daughter. So she’s not going to pay attention to how gorgeous, kind, funny and sexy as hell Preston is. She’s not. She doesn’t have time to scrooge around.

Preston Cole is a strong and demanding dragon shifter who has lived a long life without ever finding his mate. So when he laid eyes on Charlie, he knew she was his. He’s used to handling hostile takeovers with the companies he buys. But with Charlie comes a daughter that needs a father and a danger he’s not aware of. If he can get his beautiful, curvy, stubborn mate to let him help her, life would be much easier.

But through hot cocoa and ice skating, there’s trouble brewing. Charlie’s ex is back and looking for trouble. Preston won’t let anything happen to his mate and her daughter. He wants to safeguard his girls without being overbearing. It’s a thin line between protective and controlling and he needs to be careful or he’ll lose the only family he’s ever wanted.

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Surprise Release: Bad Bear Day is now live!

Gerri Wilder is back!

Bad Bear Day

Bad Bear Day is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 35

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Jasmine has given up on ever being able to find the right man, but Gerri Wilder challenges her to take a chance. Her blind date with Austin is virtually perfect, but Jasmine remains unconvinced. She’s been lied to, cheated on, and hurt more times than she can count.

Austin will have to come up with some creative ways to ensure he sees the raven-haired beauty again. He’ll romance her and prove that he’s the man of her dreams just like she’s the one for him. After all, Jasmine is the billionaire bear shifter’s mate. And an alpha bear won’t be denied.

On the road to their happily ever after, they find things aren’t easy. There’s just a few little complications, including a trio of disapproving elders, a polar bear challenger, and an unhinged stalker… but Austin won’t let just any old bad bear day stop him from protecting what’s his.

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