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Milly Taiden
A Hero For Sale
Latin Goddess Press
December 1, 2017
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Captain Nick Gates isn’t looking for love. He’s also not interested in being sold in a bachelor auction. Unfortunately for him, it’s happening. The auction, that is. Love, that’s another story. He was severely burned when his fiancée dumped him right after he was hurt during the war. Love? He doesn’t do that. No matter how cute he thinks Addy is, his heart is off limits.

Addilyn Walton did something she’s never done before for Nick Gates and he doesn’t even know it. The one thing she does know is that Nick will hate her guts once he finds out who she is. Still, Addy is nothing like her sister, the evil spawn from hell. She has feelings and she really likes Nick. Enough to buy him at an auction for an outrageous amount of money. It’s for charity, so it’s okay, right?

Nick and Addy can’t fight their attraction. They also can’t fight the fact she’s related to someone he despises. Maybe, if they focus on falling in love, things will work themselves out? Soon, they’re going to find out that in love and war, anything goes.

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