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Milly Taiden
Elf Queen
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
March 13, 2020
ISBN-13: 9798607972486
ISBN-10: 8607972480

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***If you have read the adult version (Elf King) you don’t need to pick this one up. This one is meant for younger audiences.***

Tylen Wyndove
I’m the Elf King. I also have a whole kingdom to keep safe. When I save the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen at a slave market, I realize I’m in big trouble. I know I’ve found the woman I want and no wizard, orc or legend will take her from my side. And my shifter fully, one-hundred percent agrees. I have no idea what a video game or levels are, but I know Avery’s meant to be my queen.

Avery Lotusmist
I’m a pro gamer. I went on a camping trip to celebrate my friend’s birthday and ended up kidnapped. Maybe? I think I’m really in a dream-like video game simulation. The catch? In order to wake up and go home, I have to beat every level! This is gonna be awesome. Being sucked into a game is a great way to test my skills. Unless it’s not really a game. But it has to be, right?

My levels get harder by the second. Meet the sexiest man at a slave auction: Check. Marry said sexy man, who’s also the Elf King: Check. Fake seduce a madman to save a bunch of people: Check. Wear a crown that won’t come off my head: Double check. Realizing I’m not stuck in a video game and I really am in love with the Elf King: Say what?

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