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Milly Taiden
Fae Queen
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
March 6, 2020
ISBN-13: 9798605026136
ISBN-10: 8605026138

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***If you have read the adult version (Fae King) you don’t need to pick this one up. This one is meant for younger audiences.***

Jerrek Valsys.
I’m cursed. In life and in love. People are disappearing all around my kingdom and I’m dodging a mother who’s trying to set me up with every single female from miles away. Keeping secrets is the name of the game. I’m hiding a beast inside and waiting on a prophecy to bring me the right girl with a glowing rock. Seriously. But when my beast finally escapes the internal prison I built for him, he finds her. Our mate. I may have to forget about that whole prophecy thing. Even if it means I have to give up my crown as the Fae king, because Kaia’s the one. And I’m not giving her up.

Kaia Cutestone.
My life sucks. I have a job with no future and live with my dead-beat, soul-sucking brother. The only good things in my life are my friends, Jen and Avery, and my ability to sing and the fairytales that help me escape my reality. Unfortunately, I doubt those tales I have memorized will help me much when the three of us are kidnapped with fairy dust. Yes. Tinkerbell type fairy dust. On the other hand, I just ran into the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen. He’s super cute, a little dark and dangerous, and I can’t stop thinking about him.

Thanks to my love of romance novels, Jerrek is in luck. I might be the only person on the planet who can help him tame his beast and keep him from killing more people. Yay me! I may not have a glowing rock but I sure am rocking an old ugly necklace. But is that enough to get me a happily ever after, find my purpose in life with people who want me for me and help me find my friends?

So I did a thing.

My 13 yr old kept asking to read my books. Let’s just say he’s NOT at an age I feel ready to be reading the dirty dirty.
So I cleaned up the Crystal Kingdom and made some changes to a more PG13 audience.
What came out is The CLEAN and SWEET version of the Crystal Kingdom as: Fae Queen, Elf Queen, Dark Queen and Fire Queen. These are the same books but catering to a clean audience.

What does that mean? If you HAVE READ THE ADULT BOOKS you DON’T need to read these. However, if you have kids and think they’d enjoy the fantasy series without the sex and explosive orgasms, please share them away!

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