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Milly Taiden
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  • Praise for Milly and her Books

    Praise for Milly and her Books

    “Would I recommend this author: Yes! Milly Taiden does not disappoint with this funny, sexy storytelling! This is author should be on all must read list!” —Fran Owen, Twin Sisters Rockin’ Book Review

    “I can always rely on Milly Taiden to write a fun, quick, sweet and sexy romance. Sometimes we need a nice short sweet romance, with fun characters, before diving back into a big read.” —Angela Caldwell , Angela’s Guilty Pleasures


So you reached my online home? Then you must love reading stories with badass heroes, heroines that face any man head-on and plots with enough sizzle to melt an iceberg. Yes, I love to write. I love to make a fantasy come to life for my characters. My books can be found under Milly Taiden and April Angel

I write Erotic Romance. You will get a good dose of action, humor, sarcasm and HOT SEX. Lots of HOT SEX. I love to make my couples have enough sexual tension in the beginning that when they finally get down to it we are all ready to get our own action in the bedroom.

I am a big believer in happily ever after. When you read one of my stories you will be smiling with the end. Nothing beats a happy ending. So much in life can’t be controlled, but I can control the end to my stories. So I make sure they are good enough to keep you readers happy.

For most of my life, I have been the kind of person who smiles at the world but deep inside there’s this big, gaping black hole controlling my emotions. Emptiness. Pain. The feeling of being so alone in the world that nothing ever makes you truly happy. Otherwise known as depression. Before I go into this subject, I want to state that this is my experience with depression.

National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC)

    Depressive illnesses are anything but rare in modern society. We all know someone who has struggled with depression.
  • FACT: By conservative estimates, one in five Americans
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