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Milly Taiden
One night changes everything for an artist and her bear shifter mate…

“The story of friends going to a masquerade party continues with the fiery red head Lillian. Things go sideways when jealousy and violence threaten the couple. Happily ever after guaranteed. Recommend reading the series in order but it’s not necessary.” — Lauren S., a Goodreads reviewer

Secrets of the Bear's Den

SECRETS OF THE BEAR’S DEN is now available!

Shifters in Heat, Book 3

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One night changes everything for an artist and her bear shifter mate.

Human artist Lillian Robinson is a fun-loving spirit who knows what she wants in life and in love. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found it. Most men just don’t measure up. Then Oliver walks into view, and she knows instantly that he’s the one that she wants. He’s strong, sexy and has a smile that makes her melt. The problem is he’s not human.

Oliver, the billionaire bear sleuth leader, has life just the way he wants it. He’s no-nonsense and business minded every day, with one exception: the full moon. That’s the one night a month he allows himself to attend a masquerade and let loose. When he sees Lillian, he has to have her. She’s spunky, fun and he can’t wait to get her out of her clothes.

Both Lillian and Oliver have intense attraction to one another, but figuring out their relationship will have to wait, because Lillian has an obsessive fan. Before they know it, Lillian in life-threatening danger. Nothing Oliver does can save her except fighting to the death. It’s kill or be killed if he wants to keep his mate.

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The birthday girl gets what she wants, right?

“Two entrepreneurs meet at an exclusive party. One wild night leaves a lasting impression. Being a human is a disadvantage in this world but a HEA is imminent.” — Lauren S., a Goodreads reviewer

Whispers of the Panther's Shadow


Shifters in Heat, Book 2

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Two lovers, both obsessed with business, realize that what they really need most in this world is each other.

Alexis knew better than to challenge her friends to attend a forbidden shifter masquerade party. But what harm could come from doing the unexpected? Meeting a hot guy and having the best night of your life? That didn’t sound too bad. Not bad at all, until you realize you’ve fallen in love with a shifter. Oh, and this big, bad and deadly shifter has decided you’re his.

Magnus, panther shifter pride leader can’t believe he’s found his fated mate. Alexis is so much more than he expected and exactly what he needed. The human part of her is not usual but he doesn’t care, he wants her. Alexis soothes his panther and he intends on getting her to fall for him. If he has to keep her out of her clothes to achieve it, so be it.

It’s not all fairytales and dirty nights for Magnus and Alexis. Someone’s become obsessed with his mate and isn’t happy they’re a couple. The violence becomes too much for Alexis and she wants out of their budding romance. Magnus needs to show Alexis that being his mate is not all danger or risk losing the only woman he loves. But how to do that Alexis’ life hangs in the balance?

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🔥 You’ve been invited to the Full Moon Masquerade! Meet some Shifters in Heat. 🔥

“This book was such a good palette cleanser. I love me a good shifter story and crashing top secret parties sounds like a great time!” —Dezireè, a Goodreads reviewer

Under the Hunter's Moon

UNDER THE HUNTER’S MOON is now available!

Shifters in Heat, Book 1

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When the full moon hits so does the heat, and these shifters know just where to go to indulge their desires.

Fiona loves her job as an investigative journalist and the freedom it gives her. When she overhears a conversation about an indulgent shifter party, she knows where her next big story is coming from. Clashing with big, hunky Callum was very unexpected and she wonders if it might have been better not to crash the event.

Callum Powers is the wealthy and admired Alpha of the Silver Claw Pack, who hosts the monthly Full Moon Masquerade. While others enjoy the debauchery, he doesn’t take part. That is, until a beautiful stranger wanders onto his property and turns his entire world upside-down. Fiona is everything he wants in a woman. She’s strong, determined, has curves for days and he can’t keep his hands off her.

After a one-night tryst with Fiona, all of Callum’s dreams are within his grasp. Unfortunately, his dreams are not the same as hers. How can he convince Fiona that a life with him is better, especially when his appearance in her life brought danger into her world?

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Unseen Destiny is now available!

Enjoy the final installment in the Alpha Ascension Chronicles — a series filled with suspense, action and sizzling romance!

Unseen Destiny

UNSEEN DESTINY is now available!

Alpha Ascension Chronicles, Book 4

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Being a lone wolf, Ash has no trouble infiltrating an abused pack to take down their cruel alpha. The problem rises when she discovers that this pack’s alpha is her true mate. But are the abuse rumors true? So far, all she knows is Mason isn’t what she expected. He’s handsome, strong, fair and he’s working his way into her heart. Something isn’t adding up.

Mason Blackmoss has had enough of the rumors about him being a bad alpha. He’s done his best to take this pack from the edge of going feral to a caring and civil community. When Ash comes into his life, he needs her on his side to help figure out the mystery. He also really wants to keep her close to him for other lustful reasons.

Mason isn’t sure who wants to end his rule, but he really needs Ash’s help. He can only hope their mate bond can withstand anything that’s thrown their way. He’s either going to get her trust, or watch the only woman he loves stand against him with the very people he swore to protect.

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How about a trip to Nova Aurora? Sexy dragons and fated mates included!

“Oh so good, Milly has a way with words! Whitney is a recruiter for a university. Off for summer vacation just chilling by the pool not sure what the plan. That is until Gerri Wilder shows up offering a few weeks on Nova Aurora. Taking the offer is a no brainer but of course Gerri has ulterior motives!! Thyone is a General of the Zehrvd territory. He’s having troubles with recruitment for the next generation of soldiers. Gerri’s ulterior motives of bringing these two fated mates together. Wonderful story of two people who compliment each other. They maybe from different worlds but love knows no bounds!!” —Tyrene, a Goodreads reviewer

Flame of the Game

FLAME OF THE GAME is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 80

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Whitney Urban worked a little too hard this year and forgot to plan a summer vacation. That’s okay because Gerri Wilder offers her a free two-week trip to Nova Aurora. A planet full of alien scenery, different foods, and sexy shifters… who would pass that up? Not Whitney, that’s for sure. And she also won’t pass up a little fun with the hottest dragon she’d ever seen: Thyone.

Thyone is the military leader of Nova Auora’s Zehvrd dragon territory. He’s concerned with the increased number of his people protesting the arrival of more and more Earthlings on their planet. He’s not sure how he’s going to handle things, until he meets his fated mate and realizes that he’d do anything to protect the curvy and beautiful woman, and keep Whitney by his side forever.

With Whitney’s help, Thyone will realize that new ways might be the solution for old problems. But what will he do when he’s faced with the difficult situation of choosing between duty and love?

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