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Milly Taiden
Ready to open the prison gates to another dangerous shifter? HAMMER is now live!

A supermax prison.
Dangerous shifters.
A deadly mission that will give each of them a chance to be free or die trying.


Hammer is now available!

Caged and Dangerous, Book 7

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I’m the only one who can save her.
My freedom comes with hers.

She’s my mate and my dragon will fight to keep her.
She’s my only reason to lie.
How could someone as incredible as her want me?

She’s so smart and independent.
I’m just a convict with no future.
Maybe if she sees the real me, if I can lower my walls.
But the last time I did, I was betrayed.

I won’t let that happen again.

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She’s on his planet to help him, but can he convince her to fall in love?

“Deimos and Hope’s story is another Geri Wilder Paranormal Dating Agency read, filled with heat, intrigue, snarky commentary and a bit of a ‘who done it’.”
—Diana Page, a GoodReads reviewer

One and the Flame

One & the Flame is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 67

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Deimos Uannsvo is the leader of the Zehvrd dragon clutch on Nova Aurora. To provide for his planet’s new influx of Earthlings, he’s established a cattle ranch on his territory, but the once-thriving cows are becoming sick. Perhaps a beautiful veterinarian from Earth can help?

Hope Oliver is a veterinary assistant, and can’t say no to an animal in need. When Gerri asks her to come with her to Nova Aurora to help with some Earth Cows on an alien planet, Hope is intrigued.  No matter how handsome the dragon-man is, she’s not there for love.

Deimos knows Hope is his mate from the moment he meets her, but he has to put his feelings aside and focus on saving his ranch first. His cute Earthling insists she’s planning on going home once they’ve figured out the mystery, but will he be able to convince her to stay?

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More Mobster Shifters for You: A BIT OF A BITE is now available!

“Intense and wonderful paranormal/mafia romance.. Exciting, original, and amazing characters.” —Marianne, a GoodReads reviewer

Another high stakes shifter mob romance that will have you on the edge of your seat.

A Bit of a Bite

A Bit of a Bite is now available!

Mob Ties, Book 4

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Liz Savage can barely make ends meet, and when her bank account is hacked, she’s on the verge of homelessness and starving and losing her dream of becoming a lawyer. When she witnesses a mafia hit, she has a brilliant idea: blackmail the mob for money. Okay, maybe not her smartest move, but that Tiger mobster sure is hot.

Tiger shifter Ben Moretti is on a mission – take out the person blackmailing the family. The only problem is that the culprit is the most incredible woman he’s ever met and his mate. Obviously, he can’t hurt the one destined for him, but if he goes against the Don’s orders, both of them will be pushing up daisies. Why did she have to be so beautiful and sassy. Life just got extra complicated.

How can Ben keep her alive when the mob is his family? He has to make a choice, kill his mate, or go against his people. Just when he thought it couldn’t be more difficult, the danger increases. There’s no place to hide and if he loses his mate they won’t have a chance at a happily ever after.

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💋 Kissing the Grumpy Dragon 💋 is now available!

Welcome back at the Hellscape Holidays Resort!

The Devil and his BFF have made a bet to help the visitors of Hellscape Holidays find true love, or at least help them get laid. It’s only fair since they’re all in hell anyway. So why not figure out how to fix these folks up. These people are too stressed out and the Devil thinks only getting them doing the horizontal polka will get them to chill out. Time to get his BFF and get to scheming…erm, that is, matching.

Kissing the Grumpy Dragon

Kissing the Grumpy Dragon is now available!

Hellscape Holidays, Book 4

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The last thing Kaia Coll expected when she checked in at Hellscape Holiday Resort was for a dragon to fight a demon over her. Technically, it didn’t quite happen that way, but a witch can dream. Especially since the dragon is one good-looking man, and Portia Flemming keeps throwing them together!

Dragon shifter Greyson Verlice’s idea of a company retreat isn’t three-legged races and building sandcastles. Especially not when the distracting witch, Kaia Coll, is always around. Greyson needs to focus on saving his company and thunder. Not ditch his colleagues to flirt with Kaia.

But with the Verlice name on the line, Kaia might be exactly who Greyson needs. Kaia and Greyson are in trouble now that Lou and Portia set their sights on them. Add in a couple of Lou’s cocktails, and who knows what will happen with these two!

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Read more about Gerri’s latest matchmaking services in ⚾ The Long Howl ⚾!

She’s there to take his photos, but the baseball wolf shifter catches more than the focus of her camera.

The Long Howl

The Long Howl is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 66

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
This book is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Iris Odom is a photographer, hired by Gerri Wilder to take pictures of a charity baseball event. She didn’t sign up for Gerri’s matchmaking services, but she definitely isn’t upset by getting to go into the locker room and see the star pitcher in a towel. What a hottie!

Wade Adkins had hoped Gerri would find his match, and he’s thrilled when he’s introduced to Iris. The beautiful human has captured his attention, and he immediately knows that she’s his mate. But there’s something haunting her, and she won’t say what.

Will hidden secrets from Iris’s past ruin their chance at a future? The secrets she keeps are dangerous, but Wade is tough, and willing to fight for his mate.The race is on to make sure their romance doesn’t end with the season.

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