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Meet Alpha Geek: Archer! 🤓

“Plenty of action intrigue, suspense, and steamy encounters to keep you hooked from beginning to end making it a helluva read.” —Lory, a GoodReads reviewer

Alpha Geek: Archer

Alpha Geek: Archer is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 14

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Destiny Jackson is a leopard shifter who rejected her family’s rich and killer lifestyle, instead going into the military and eventually signing on to work for Nick’s shifter protection agency. She didn’t believe it when she was warned she might be assigned to guard her fated mate, but the moment she meets Archer, she’s head over heels.

Archer Rogen has a secret: he knows all about the shifter protection agency and the fact that the men who are assigned female agents often meet their mate. So when he is installing a security system and discovers a dangerous situation, he’s all too eager to call up Nick and ask him for a bodyguard. The moment he meets Destiny, he’s thrilled. She’s smart, beautiful, and more than he could have ever dreamed of.

The close encounter with death and subsequent use of the shifter serum, though? That was a little bumpier than he’d like. Now Archer has brains and brawn, but he and Destiny have just a small window until a nefarious plan comes to fruition. Can they stop it before it’s too late?

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🎉 🎉 🎉 PDA book number 50 is live! 🥳🥳🥳

Another adventure to Nova Aurora means another alien shifter is about to find his mate in the form of a curvy Earth woman!

Totally Hard Claw

Totally Hard Claw is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 50

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Totally Hard Claw is also available in print.

Rachel Sanford spent so much of her life taking care of her ailing mother that she never had much of a chance to live. When Gerri Wilder introduces her to the idea of lion shifters, alien planets, and fated romance, Rachel figures, why not? Too bad she wasn’t prepared to find the most handsome man in the form of Arkoni!

Arkoni is a lion shifter alpha, leader of the Shining Rock Pride on Nova Aurora. Stoic and melancholy, he soon comes out of his shell to romance the heart of the mesmerizing earth woman. Rachel lights a fire inside of him that he never knew possible, and soon he’s about to do whatever it takes to win her over.

Together, they navigate their blossoming romance and attempt to solve a mystery that includes sabotage and assassination attempts. Can they figure it all out in time, or will Rachel decide that life on Earth was much easier?

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The Savage Shifters are back!

Right from the first chapter Ari worms her way into your heart. You want her to find love…and she does in the most unexpected way. Fierce is a good friend to Jason and is in town to celebrate Jason’s wedding to Stella. I would give anymore of the plot away but let me just say it is a creative and spicy read. Milly thinks outside the box on this one and it will become one of your favorite reads.” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

Savage Embrace

Savage Embrace is now available!

Savage Shifters, Book 5

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Savage Embrace is also available in print.

Ariana went home to visit her cousins and meet her goddaughter for the first time. She didn’t expect to find out her childhood friend was marrying the town’s mean girl. On her way to show him proof that his fiancée isn’t who he thinks, she is stopped by the sexiest and most stubborn man on the planet. The groom’s best man. If only she could focus on her mission instead of how handsome and strong the guy is.

Fierce, wolf shifter entrepreneur, takes his friendships seriously. So when his college buddy asks him to be the best man at his wedding, Fierce refuses to let anyone mess up the big day. Especially not a beautiful woman intent on stopping the wedding. She’s in for a surprise. Fierce isn’t one to back off. Keeping the beautiful Ari from ruining the nuptials isn’t as hard as keeping his hands off her. After all, it’s nearly impossible when she’s his mate.

It appears that someone else in the town wants the wedding to go on after a failed attempt on Ari’s life. The culprit seems obvious. But assumptions, they will find out, can get you hurt. If Fierce doesn’t wise up quickly, not even his wolf will be able to save their mate from the force plotting to kill her.

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You are invited to one of Gerri Wilder’s famous bachelor auctions!

“A shifter romance with just the right amount of danger and action. Rex is a tiger shifter and needs to let go of part of his past that haunts him. His little sister is about to help him with that and also have somefun tricking him. Gerri Wilder has another match to make and she is never wrong. Gianna is human and a reporter that is looking for her one big story. Her need to find the story will lead to both danger and romance.” —Raina Collins, a GoodReads reviewer

Striping Hot

Striping Hot is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 49

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Striping Hot is also available in print.

A reporter and a tiger shifter are about to learn that you never know what will happen at one of Gerri Wilder’s famous bachelor auctions!

Hard-nosed and clever reporter, Gianna Lee, has dreamed of finding the scoop of a lifetime. She just never knew that she’d stumble across it at the same time she catches the eye of a hunky billionaire tiger shifter.

Rex Titus is handsome, wealthy, single… and struggling with demons from his past. When Gerri Wilder surprises him with his mate, he’s not sure he’s ready for it. But one look at Gianna and he knows he’ll never be the same. The reporter’s luscious curves and dark silky hair call to him, and he won’t stop until she’s his.

But before these two can determine if there is a future for them, Gianna has to deal with the trouble she’s stirred up. Some people don’t want certain truths exposed, and are more than ready to take out the nosy reporter. Can Rex overcome a dangerous conspiracy in time to win his fated mate’s heart?

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Even a King can’t stop fate! Carter King meets his match in Catching Her

Meet Amara an amazing business woman with a secret to who her family is, and Carter King who is determined to stay away from any female that could be his mate. Even to the point of a million dollar bet with his older brother! The story takes you through mystery, romance, love and a twist that is very clever!” —M., an Amazon.com reviewer

“Carter is the fun loving brother and he has no intention of finding his mate. Sparks fly and the the game is on trying to resist Amara.” —Jean, a GoodReads reviewer

Catching Her

Catching Her is now available!

Savage Kings, Book 2

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Catching Her is also available in print.

Lion shifter Carter King doesn’t feel like himself. Is it the pressure of rebuilding the King fortune? Nope. He actually likes a challenge. Is it because his family is bent on finding his mate? No. He doesn’t need a mate. He’s fine on his own. So fine, he even makes a million-dollar bet that he can stay away from his fated mate.

Amara Worthington is cut off from her family and their business. Intent on making a name for herself, she leaves her life behind. She walks into King Industries’ offices and demands that Carter hire her. She knows she can fill the King coffers. She just has to stop her silly attraction to her new boss and focus on her career.

Carter knows he’ll lose the bet the second Amara walks into his office. He tries to keep away from her, but it’s no use. He needs to be with her. He can’t fight fate or the attraction he feels. But Amara isn’t who she claims to be, and after a series of break-ins, the pair will have a hell of a time figuring out who is behind their troubles … and why. One thing is certain. Even a King can’t stop fate!

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