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Milly Taiden
Meet the Monster Orcs of Protheka!

Wow! I’m so excited that Monster Orcs of Protheka will be a series, because I could not get enough! I love a good Orc tale and this one does not disappoint. Haizen the Just is a sweet alpha who is falling for Doctor Eileen Who except, Doctor Who is hiding a secret. The slow burn romance is weaved beautifully throughout a twisting, turning plot of intrigue. Excellent and I am looking forward for more!❤️❤️❤️❤️” — Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

Stick An Orc In It

Stick An Orc In It is now available!

Monster Orcs of Protheka, Book 1

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I was born and bred an Orc warrior.
My Ax has drunk the blood of many foes.
I have rank and prestige, and yet…
I am alone.

Eileen is as beautiful as she is enigmatic.
She’s here to mend my chief’s broken body,
But will she break my heart as well?
I will do anything to protect her.
Even from herself.

Because as clever as Eileen may be,
There’s one thing she has failed to realize.
She is mine. Now and forever.

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Can a simple human Earthling break a curse and save a tiger shifter with love?

Geri and her matchmaking ability is at it again. As the head of his pride, Taariq must make take a mate, but he desires a fated mate match. His pride is barren of cubs […] because of a curse… a curse that can only be broken if he mates. The suspense gets to a peak when an evil plot is revealed but the slow burn romance is so romantic you just sigh.” — Nancy R, a GoodReads review

Don't Believe the Stripe

Don’t Believe the Stripe is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 44

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Don’t Believe the Stripe is also available in print.

Taariq Xanon, tiger shifter leader of Nova Aurora’s Southern Mountain Streak, has a big problem. Rumors say that the Streak is cursed because their leader hasn’t chosen a mate, and his people are starting to demand that he settle down. So when he meets his mate, he’s sure everything’s going to be fine. Right? Not so fast.

Sierra Rylee, friends with Nova Aurora’s queen, Bella, has not seen her friend in years. So when she can’t find the perfect anniversary gift for Bella, Gerri Wilder convinces Sierra to surprise her friend in person. And would it be so bad if Gerri can help her meet a nice guy in the process? Little does Sierra know that Gerri has big plans for her. Once she sees Taariq, she’s willing to give an alien shifter a try.

The big sexy Taariq sweeps Sierra off her feet, but something else is afoot. Someone from Taariq’s past isn’t happy with Sierra’s presence and is willing to stop at nothing to break the couple apart. Can these two figure out who’s targeting Sierra before it’s too late?

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🔥 Get your latest Alpha Geek fix: Meet Zane and Delilah! 🔥

“I really enjoyed this book with the shifter protecting the human, the serum, unusual effects and timelines and then a desperate battle for continued survival. I loved the skills that Zane was able to use in battle and the way that he attacked his foe. Easy to read, feel and understand I was addicted to the story.” —Mandy, a GoodReads reviewer

Alpha Geek: Zane

Alpha Geek: Zane is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 11

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Alpha Geek: Zane is also available in print.

Former Navy SEAL Delilah Jones loves her job in the shifter protection agency. She’s a tiger shifter, and a professional who always maintains a cool distance from the people she protects. That is, until she meets Zane and realizes the geeky human is her fated mate. His adorableness is making her tigress desperate to keep him as her own. Man, this job is harder than she thought.

Zane is an ultra-geek with a heart of gold who’s learned that his business partner is a money launderer. He turns to the shifter protection agency for help, knowing he can’t face the bear shifter alone. He didn’t expect it would change everything. Like the fact he’d meet the most beautiful woman in his life and want to date her. If he can stay alive long enough to ask her out.

Delilah’s job is to make sure Zane survives long enough to testify, which means saving him with a mystery serum when he needs it most. The effects are instantaneous, but also unexpected. Only one problem, the thing that’s supposed to save Zane could be what ends Delilah’s life.

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A Smoking Hot Menage featuring two wolves and a lioness. RAWR!!!

5 Stars! “A fantastic read! Rayna was such a strong woman in this story which I absolutely loved! She was perfect for Pacer and Spike! These two guys were just amazing and so strong and sweet! Loved Rayna’s family!” — Barb, a GoodReads review

5 Stars! “Rayna is a young lioness struggling to take care of her aging parents, younger siblings and the family farm. Pacer and Spike are the Alpha and Beta of their wolf pack in another state. The men need their mate to stabilize their pack and start a family. Who can bring them together but the matchmaker extraordinaire Gerri Wilder of course.” — Michelle, a GoodReads review

The Beasts I Could Do

The Beasts I Could Do is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 43

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
The Beasts I Could Do is also available in print.

Rayna Westlake works on her family farm while caring for her aging parents and younger siblings. She longs for romance and forever happiness. She never expected a chance discussion with Gerri Wilder would lead to meeting the two sexiest men of her life. The hunks have her body in flames.

Alpha wolf Pacer Collins and his Beta, Spike Renner, need their third to complete their Alpha Triad and bring peace to their wolf pack. Luckily, Gerri Wilder has agreed to help. Unfortunately, the lovely Rayna needs more than a little convincing. They’ll have to romance her and show her exactly what they have to offer. But they’re not willing to give up when her curves makes them thirsty to touch every inch of her.

Things are not as simple as just getting a lioness to take two wolves for mates. Even if she accepts, will their wolf pack accept a lioness in the alpha triad? Or will a pack war stop any chance they ever had of a happily ever after?

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Meet Bolt and the one woman who can melt the stripes on his tiger!

A supermax prison.
Dangerous shifters.
A deadly mission that will give each of them a chance to be free or die trying.


Bolt is now available!

Caged and Dangerous, Book 2

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Bolt is also available in print as paperback and hardback edition.

A supermax prison.
A group of dangerous shifters.
A deadly mission that will give each of them a chance to be free or die trying.

Kara Lailer is the one.
The one woman who can melt the stripes on my tiger.

She’s got a body that makes me bolt upright.
Kara is very competitive. Always wanting to do things herself.
This beauty wants to make the world a better place.
And she’ll put herself in danger to do it.
She’s the kind that needs protection from people like me.
I’m not a good person.

Sure, I have a moral code.
I never hurt women, children, or innocents.
But I love hurting bad guys.
And when they’re after Kara, I love killing them.
Why? She’s my mate.

The government sent me to find and protect her.
She’s on a treasure hunt and it’s my job to see she succeeds.
But when she shows me the power she’s uncovered,
I don’t know if I can make her give it up.
If I don’t take it from her, I’m going back to prison.
If I do, she’ll hate me forever.
Who am I going to betray?

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