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Milly Taiden
Meet Alpha Geek: Saxon! 🤓

“I do so enjoy a Milly Taiden read…exciting adventures and romantic interludes await you. This latest addition to her Alpha Geek series is one of her best. I love her strong female characters. Genesis is written with all the elements that endear a character to you. Saxon is hot enough that smoke billows off the pages.” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

Alpha Geek: Saxon

Alpha Geek: Saxon is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 15

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An investigative journalist stumbles upon a secret that puts him at odds with Nick’s protection agency. Can these two enemies find common ground before it’s too late?

Genesis has always taken care of herself, but her luck runs out when she’s locked away for murder—but it was in self-defense! Nick offers to help her get released as long as she works for him. Normally, it would be no problem, but the geek she’s investigating undercover is oh-so-cute and also happens to be her fated mate.

Saxon never knows where a job might take him. What started as looking into how a notorious criminal mob boss, turns into him finding out about a secret serum that can turn humans into shifters. He’s got some decisions to make. But then he learns his new beautiful, sassy secretary is a plant, and she just saved his life.

Can their attraction overcome their dislike for each other, especially when Genesis makes the decision to use the serum to save Saxon—the very serum Saxon wishes to expose!

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Roar & Order is live!

Dear lord the problems this girl had due to a bad shifter. It has drama, suspense, action. She is put in jail for a crime she did not commit. Bad judges, lawyers and more. Gerri goes to [Darren] to help her, he walks in an knows immediately she is his mate on top of what she is going through. Lets hope he can get her out.” —Joanne, a GoodReads reviewer

Roar and Order

Roar & Order is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 54

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Alpha lion shifter Darren Handler is a successful defense lawyer with more than enough cases. He doesn’t need another. But when Gerri Wilder waltzes into his office, asking for his help with the most mismanaged case he has ever seen, Darren has to get involved. This lion doesn’t sleep when there’s an injustice!

Hailey Thornby’s life is not what it should be. She was tried and convicted for crimes she did not commit, and her sentence is only the beginning of her troubles. She isn’t safe, and the people who framed her don’t want her free. When Darren Handler offers to represent her for her appeal, Hailey has hope … for all of two seconds.

The cellblock is no place for an innocent woman, especially not when she is a shifter’s fated mate! Good thing Gerri Wilder knows all kinds of people. Justice might be served, but love just might save the day.

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Welcome to Misfit Bay, Louisiana!

Wonky witchcraft, shifter magic, and romance run wild in Misfit Bay, Louisiana.

A great start to a new series! Three ladies looking for a new start in a little town get a few surprises. Fantastic characters and a great plot. This had curses, action, intrigue, steam, and is pretty funny! Can’t wait for more!” —Barb, a GoodReads reviewer

Shift in Magic

Shift in Magic is now available!

Misfit Bay, Book 1

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Workaholic Clara has had enough of the corporate rat race. She yearns for more in life—companionship, laughter, and dare she say love? Leaving all she knows, she moves to Misfit Bay with two friends to start over. Quickly, Clara learns that the climate isn’t the only thing steamy in the South.

Clint is a broken wolf shifter who can’t control his shifting nature. During each full moon, he is forced into his animal form and not released until days later. Outcast from his pack, his life has been lonely until he meets the lovely Clara. Hope grows in his heart that maybe his loneliness might come to an end.

When Clara uses witchcraft to help Clint’s shifting, a sinister plot comes to light that not only pulls them apart, but brings evil to their unsuspecting town. Time is running out for Clara and her friends to figure out how their powers can save the man she loves. If they fail, her new love life in Misfit Bay could come to a premature end.

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New Series Alert: Book 1 in the Midnight Mates Series is now available!

“I really enjoyed this one and hope that we see the series develop to encompass all the shifter characters Taiden introduced us to in this book. I enjoyed how this read was a little different from the traditional paranormal fated mates theme. I liked that Talon had to work a bit to secure his mate and I LOVED that Cassie had a career with a life before Talon. Strong female heroines always make a book more enjoyable. Well done!” —Nancy, a GoodReads reviewer

Midnight Howl

Midnight Howl is now available!

Midnight Mates, Book 1

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Cassie Burch, high school vice-principal and recently single lady, has met the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, her heart isn’t ready for another relationship after finally dumping her worthless ex. When she agrees to a casual liaison, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Romance is about to hit her harder than she ever expected.

Alpha wolf shifter, Talon Ruiz, is restless and can’t figure out why. He just opened a high-end shifter nightclub, and the newness has already worn off. When his mate stumbles into him, he’s more than ready to keep her forever. And he’ll do whatever he needs to prove to her he’s worth her love.

The problem is Cassie doesn’t want a serious bond. And everything he does to try to romance her fails. He was kind of a jerk, but he’s changed. If he doesn’t figure out what he’s doing wrong, Cassie will leave him in the dust. And by pack law, if the alpha doesn’t mate, he must fight to the death to keep his status.

His heart and his life lay in Cassie’s hands. Can she love a man who turns into a wolf?

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This romance is about to go from zero to sixty really quick in the complicated level…

“I think its great how Rux loves Dana enough to put her dreams above his own dream of being mated with a bunch of cubs running around. A must for all paranormal romance lovers out there.” —Catriona, a GoodReads reviewer

Big Fang Theory

Big Fang Theory is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 53

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Dana works diligently to earn a spot on the city’s philharmonic orchestra as a violinist. She has little time for dating, because most men she’s met are selfish. She meets Gerri Wilder at a fundraiser. Gerri promises to find her the perfect man. Dana is skeptical but gives Gerri the chance. What’s the worst that can happen?

Rux is a billionaire who loves classical music and classic cars. Dana represents a chance to finally open up instead of living in his very private world. Rux can’t believe she’s the one. She’s not only beautiful, she’s someone he can connect with that truly understands him.

Things get complicated when Dana tries to help an abused student. They get tangled up in an international conspiracy involving kidnapping, drug running, and evil shifters. This romance is about to go from zero to sixty really quick in the complicated level.

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