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Milly Taiden
King of Pride and Talons
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
July 19, 2024
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Can a witch heal a kingdom that’s doesn’t want her?

Breya Kaydalle loves using her powers to heal people. As a witch in a human community, she’s often wondered about the supernatural territories of Wildwood, but she had no idea she’d soon have the chance to live in one… and meet a very sexy lion king.

Thorne Bawold is the alpha lion and king of the Savanna Kingdom. His territory in the Wildwoods is prosperous and peaceful, and he should want for nothing. However, he’s finally decided that it’s time to obtain life’s highest prize of all: his fated mate.

The king may think he’s ready to settle down, but Breya demands more. She wants a real relationship, the kind the king has never had before. Before they can figure out if that’s even possible, dissent starts to grow. The lions want their King to marry the queen of the neighboring territory, and they let it be known that the witch isn’t welcome.

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