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Milly Taiden
King of Moon and Claws
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
July 5, 2024
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Elora Dahill’s gift of animal communication is both a blessing and a curse. Trapped in a mundane human town, she dreams of a fairy-tale romance that seems forever out of reach until fate intervenes in the most unexpected way. When she’s kidnapped by a vampire who wants to exploit her powers, she knows she needs help. Her call out gets the attention of a wolf king who’s more than just a good man. He’s hers. Her wolf.

Bastian Threwold, the wolf king of The Wildwoods, has his world turned upside down when he answers a telepathic plea from a non-shifter. By rescuing Elora from vampire captors, he unwittingly ignites a spark that could set his entire kingdom ablaze. But Elora isn’t like any other woman he’s ever met. She’s beautiful, powerful and his mate.

As war looms on the horizon and ancient prophecies unfold, Bastian and Elora find themselves at the center of a storm that threatens to tear apart the fabric of both their worlds. Their forbidden bond—a connection that defies the laws of magic—may be the key to salvation or destruction. With enemies lurking in every shadow and allies wearing masks of deceit, Bastian must protect his newfound mate while navigating treacherous political waters. As Elora’s true power awakens, she becomes both the realm’s greatest hope and its most coveted prize.

Can their love survive betrayal, dark magic, and the weight of two worlds on their shoulders? Will Elora embrace her destiny and become the queen Wildwood needs? And in a realm where nothing is as it seems, who can they truly trust?

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