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Milly Taiden
If you like dragons and adventure, you’ll love 🐉 Flame on You 🐉 !

“Adventure! This was a great story of non traditional romance and adventure. Neither Willa nor Finn want to be tied down. They both want to be able to continue their adventures. With Gerri Wilder in the picture, plans change.” —5 Stars from Selina Durio, a GoodReads reviewer

Flame on You

Flame on You is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 57

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Alpha dragon Finn Levine doesn’t want to be tied down. He is happy living life from one adventure to the other. Being an eligible billionaire makes it a little too hard to find love, anyway. Jumping out of a plane is less risky than falling in love. Even if the woman in question is funny, beautiful, and his perfect mate.

Travel blogger Willa Prentice has always been a wild spirit. She doesn’t need a permanent address or a man to be happy. All she needs is her trusty duffel bag named Stu. She has the world to explore, and that’s fine with her. Better to free climb a cliff than to let a man in. No matter how good looking he is.

All of this changes when Gerri Wilder introduces them at a party. With a little push and a nudge from Gerri, this pair of adventure-loving fated mates set off on a new kind of adventure. If they can survive long enough, they might learn that falling in love is the best adventure of all!

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Now Live: Magical Midlife Shift!

“At the age of 50, she is finally going to learn how to live. When a new friend invites her to a scenting ceremony, she thinks it would be a great way to meet people. But a mate, at her age, she never expected. Rhett never expected to meet his mate. At his age, he is comfortable being single. When he meets Sara, he knows immediately that she’s the one. But even with his experience, he manages to make a mess of it. These two will have to learn to communicate if they want a chance at a HEA. This is turning out to be a great series full of ‘mature’ characters. Another great read!” —Tara Heilman, an Amazon.com reviewer.

Magical Midlife Shift

Magical Midlife Shift is now available!

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction!

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Old dogs can definitely learn new tricks, and so can wise witches.

Sara Walters has spent her time teaching other witches about the magical ways, but now that she’s fifty and it’s time for her to retire, she’s not sure what to do with herself. When she meets a sexy suitor her world is turned upside down. She’s supposed to act like an adult, but that’s a tall order when he makes her feel so young and carefree.

Rhett Armstrong had long ago decided he would be happy being a lifelong bachelor until one scenting ceremony brings him what he thought he’d never find: his fated mate. She’s the picture of beauty, strength and sass. And he wouldn’t have her any other way.

Though Sara thought she knew everything there was to know about herself, it turns out there are still secrets hidden within, and a certain wolf shifter is the key to them coming to the surface. But then he makes her question if they could really ever work. Now, she’s out of time and has to decide between listening to her heart or focusing on her fears.

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Meet Alpha Geek: Fox! 🤓

A bat shifter working to overcome the ghosts of her past, and an Alpha Geek who’s discovered a terrorist plot, team up to save the world.

Alpha Geek: Fox

Alpha Geek: Fox is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 16

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Alpha Geek: Fox is also available in print.

Fox Redman, a billionaire game designer, discovers a terrorist using his game as a means for mass destruction in real life. When he goes to the FBI, Fox sits at the top of the hit list. Who’s he gonna call? Nick, of course, which gets him the most beautiful bodyguard ever.

Bat shifter Vella Marlowe has a past worse than Dracula’s. So when her mate walks into Nick’s office, she’s not sure if she can take his rejection. Asked to be his bodyguard, she can’t help but want to curl up with his big bear body. If only she could focus on the job and not how cute he is.

This time, though, Fox’s transformation into an alpha isn’t enough to stop a monster bigger than he is. A monster determined to rid the world of a particular bat and bear shifter. If Fox can’t save his batgirl, he’s going to be a bear to live with.

“The size doesn’t matter, and they definitely show it in this one. Despite the description, I wouldn’t aim this to the vamp lovers its firmly in the paranormal romance theme. The twists throughout are awesome, definitely worth a look.” —5 Stars from GoodReads reviewer Catriona Bain

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Fang to Rights is live!

New media and old come head to head when a social media influencer and an art manager are set up by Gerri Wilder!

Fang to Rights

Fang to Rights is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 56

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
This book is included in your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
Fang to Rights is also available in print.

Olivia is a social media influencer who tries to promote up and coming artists. She loves what she does, and she’s not afraid to go after the bigwigs who act as gatekeepers to the industry. But getting set up with the biggest pain in her backside was not something she thought would ever happen. She also did not expect to want him more than her next breath.

Henry Darrow has been the target of Olivia’s ire before, but the moment Gerri sets them up on a date he realizes that she’s his mate—and the only way she’ll have anything to do with him is if he changes his ways. Time to show his beautiful, mouthy little mate what he’s made of. Game on.

But when an unhinged artist targets Olivia for not putting him on her podcast, Henry realizes there is more at stake. He’ll do anything to protect her, at any cost.

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✨ Return to Misfit Bay in Just a Nibble! ✨

Wonky witchcraft, shifter magic, and romance run wild in Misfit Bay, Louisiana. Book 2 of the Misfit Bay series, JUST A NIBBLE, is now available!

Just a Nibble

Just a Nibble is now available!

Misfit Bay, Book 2

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
This book is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

A confirmed bachelorette, Annie, has vowed to never have a boyfriend or be in a relationship that requires more than just sexy times. She’s just not made that way.

When she sees a man-eating alligator at her feet, she zaps him with her magic to find it shifts into the only man she’s been unable to forget since the one night they had together before she moved to Misfit Bay. It can’t be. Why would he be there now that she’s trying to stick to being single?

Now, her world is in a tizzy when a crazy scheme to turn her into an alligator goes all wrong. She’s gonna die from abstinence if the spell isn’t fixed soon. Only one man, or gator, can keep her sane, and he wants more from Annie than she’s willing to give.

Will true love finally tear down her walls? Or will wayward witchcraft cause her to be killed by a rival faction?

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