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Milly Taiden
Alien Needs a Nanny — Get ready for a fun alien-baby-filled new series!
Getting the job to care for strange kids enough, but when their father turns out to be a big, hunky alien, things get a lot harder.

Alien Commander's Nanny

ALIEN COMMANDER’S NANNY is now available!

Alien Needs a Nanny, Book 1

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Earth has been nothing but bad luck for Mia Ambrose. So when the opportunity arises for her to be a nanny on a different planet, she jumps on it. But she should’ve researched her new employer a bit more. When he turns out to be a strict, super hot and stuffy military commander, she wonders if her bad luck followed her.

Tharon is the highest-ranking commander in the Tor’vian military. And he has no idea how to take care of his children, a set of eight-year-old twins. Help comes in the form of hiring a nanny from the planet Earth. Mia isn’t exactly what he expected in a nanny. She’s beautiful, strong and loves his children, but is he strong enough to resist the attraction to the little earthling?

However, not all is perfect on Tor’via. Tharon and Tor’via have enemies. Enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy the planet and its highest-ranking military official. Tharon must discover who wants his innocent, loving nanny dead before he loses his second chance at finding love and gaining his family back.

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No one ever said falling for a Half-Blood was easy…

Blood Chased

BLOOD CHASED is now available!

The Half Bloods, Book 2

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Alpha wolf Nero Greenlee is a busy sheriff. He doesn’t have time to do a daily wellness check on Valentine Longborn. The Half-Blood locked herself in a cabin. The moment he lays eyes on her, he understands what Valentine is to him. The beautiful half-blood is not what he expected for a mate.

Celestine needs help finding her sister. She’s willing to do anything to find her. Even partner with an alpha shifter hotter than sin. A shifter who makes her question everything in her life, including being alone. Nero might be the most irritatingly handsome wolf she’s ever met, but she needs him.

Nero has no clue why, but he can’t keep away from Valentine. Fate might have sent him a mate, but before he can convince her they belong together, Nero agrees to help Valentine save her sister. Between a rogue sibling and an angry vampire council, Nero has his work cut out for him, but no one ever said falling for a Half-Blood was easy.

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A Tiger Boss gets an amazing surrogate and the woman he never expected!
Having the Tiger's Baby

HAVING THE TIGER’S BABY is now available!

Shifter Surrogate Program, Book 4

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Lily has given up on the idea of ever finding the right partner to have a child with. So when her best friend mentions the Shifter Surrogacy Program, Lily feels she has nothing to lose. She never expected to cross paths with the most handsome, powerful and enigmatic shifter ever.

As alpha of a powerful tiger pride, Gabriel knows time is running out to find a mate and make some heirs. Using the Shifter Surrogacy Program wasn’t his first option, but he’s run out of ideas. When his surrogate turns out to be the woman of his dreams, there’s nothing stopping him from making her his mate.

A member of the pride has gone missing, and when he later turns up dead, Gabriel knows someone out there is threatening the pride. And a threat to the pride means a threat to Lily and their future child. Working together, Gabriel and Lily face the threat head-on while the mating bond strengthens, and they try to keep the family they have created alive.

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🐺👑 The Wolf King’s Claim is now available for your reading pleasure! 👑🐺

An arrangement was signed before either of us had a chance to love anyone else. But now I have to claim her. Because I know neither of us will ever love anyone else like we do one another. 

We’re fated mates. Even if she can’t feel it … yet. 

The Wolf King's Claim

The Wolf King’s Claim is now available!

Pack Royalty, Book 4

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Madison of Autumhart has feelings for her betrothed. Surprised? Yeah, she is too. Madison is falling in love with Fletcher, King of Willowfrost, and her future husband. But the problem is she has no idea how the strong, silent and hunky king feels about her. 

Fletcher of Willowfrost has known that Madison, his future queen, was his fated mate since the moment he laid eyes on her. In fact, he is quite sure that he knew before they ever met. Making his beautiful, sweet and kind queen happy is all Fletcher wants. Keeping her alive is what he needs.

There are people in Fletcher’s kingdom who want to kill Madison. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to see a full-blooded shifter queen on their throne. Even if it means unsettling an entire kingdom. As the threats of their enemies grow nearer, Madison learns how to surrender her heart and safety to Fletcher in order to save herself.

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🐻🐾🍀 The Paranormal Dating Agency is back with Luck of the Paw! 🍀🐾🐻

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A riveting addition to series, wonderful characters and story will hold your attention in full.” —Sue, a GoodReads reviewer

Luck of the Paw

Luck of the Paw is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 77

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FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Shaara Patrick dreams of a quaint boutique inn, laughter of kids in the yard, and a loving husband. But her meager clerk’s wage keeps those dreams distant. Then, Gerri Wilder enters her life, bringing with her hope and romance.The shifter she’s set up with is handsome and sweet, so there’s obviously something wrong with him. Right?

Lincoln Travis, the alpha of his bear clan, seems to have it all—wealth, looks, and women dying for his attention. Yet, an emptiness lingers; he craves his fated mate. When Gerri reappears in his life, Lincoln’s spirits soar. And when he meets Shaara, he knows that this strong, beautiful and hard-working woman is the one for him.

Gerri’s matchmaking magic intertwines Shaara and Lincoln’s paths. But Shaara’s heart isn’t easily won. Their first meeting is a disaster, yet Lincoln refuses to give up. Can he make her fall for him despite his own failings and the fact that his brutal bearish nature may scare her? And can romance win the day when danger lurks around every corner?

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