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Milly Taiden
🦁 It’s Time to Roar! 🦁

How can two dysfunctional souls come together as one if each of them is too afraid to open up to the other? You’ll have to read TIME TO ROAR to find out…

Time to Roar

Time to Roar is now available!

Midnight Mates, Book 4

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Maeve Lawson is a wonderful counselor for her students, but she never takes her own advice when it comes to intimate relationships. It’s easy to tell someone else how to communicate effectively. It’s much harder putting it into practice, which is the heart of her problems. But when she meets a big, hunky lion, she’s ready to give intimacy a shot.

Leo, a lion shifter and the manager of Midnight Mates, has survived living without a pride by burying himself in long, hard hours working to make the bar a huge success for his friends … his chosen family. He’s happy and content with his life until the woman of his dreams leans on his counter. Maeve is sweet, beautiful and makes every protective instinct in him go off. 

How can two dysfunctional souls come together as one if each of them is too afraid to open up to the other? Fate has a way of bringing mates together, but life has many ways to keep them apart.

“The story is spicy and does start with an instant-lust. But from there things change for the main characters. Their relationship has lots of downs but just as many ups. The romance builds up. Then there are the friends. They will be a big part of things while being both annoying and caring. But without them the story wouldn’t of been the same.” —Raina, a GoodReads reviewer

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I do so enjoy the creative mind of Milly Taiden! Her Shifter Daddies series has been a exceptional journey into the land of shifters and book two continues to do so. We meet Nox who is all alpha and a sweetheart. Kelli enters his life and bam . . . fated mates. I loved the mystery of Nox’s brother and wife’s disappearance and how strong Kelli was when time came to help rescue them. Enjoyable read❤️❤️” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

It is hard to put down this book. Our MMC (= main male character) might be a bit arrogant, it’s just the way he is, but he has redeeming qualities that makes him lovable in his own way. First and foremost is his love and patience with his niece and second is his fierce love for his mate.” —Trixie, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Wolf Daddy

Nanny for the Wolf Daddy is now available!

Shifter Needs a Nanny, Book 2

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When wolf alpha Nox Thryen’s brother and sister-in-law go missing, their toddler becomes his responsibility. What does a bachelor know about dirty diapers, snotty noses, and baby puke? He’s in deep doo-doo and totally clueless. He needs help. And when his eyes land on his new nanny, he knows one thing for sure, she’s his.

After years of hard work, Kelli Wells now owns her own child-care agency. Receiving a desperate call from a non-client for help, she takes pity on him and agrees to assist until a proper replacement can be found. When he opens his front door, his gorgeous eyes make her think a substitute could wait—like forever.

As his new nanny sweeps in and takes control of the situation, he realizes she’s more than just his mate. She’s beautiful, smart, and has a loving heart. So when she endangers herself to help him find the toddler’s parents, he’s frantic to save all of them now. If he can’t rescue his mate and his family from a psychotic slave driver, Nox and the little girl will find themselves both orphaned without the ones they love the most.

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✨🌙 Welcome back to Half Moon Key! 🌙✨

“Half Moon Key is a magical place. But where does the magic come from and why all the unique issues with it? I love how this series has some danger but is always beyond romantic. Because of the magic no shifter can sense their fated mate. Which means they can fall in love instead of letting fate decide. But that doesn’t always work like you would expect. This one does bring all the wonderful characters back and I love how the town is like one big family. The romance this time brings favorite enemies to the front. How can two people argue and say they hate each other as much as Cohen and Alana do? When some magical problems happen the two must put aside their feud to help save the town.” —Raina, a GoodReads reviewer

Paws for a Minute

Paws for a Minute is now available!

Half Moon Key, Book 4

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Wolf shifter and Sheriff, Cohen Pierce, dislikes anything that disrupts the peace of his beloved Half Moon Key. He doesn’t care that townsfolk think he is grumpy; he is just fine all alone. He is dead set against ever falling in love again. Especially with the town’s witch, a woman he doesn’t trust despite her mesmerizing eyes.

Alana Wixx might be a witch, but she knows her time in Half Moon Key will come to an end if she can’t save the protective magic that keeps the small town secluded and safe. She doesn’t want to leave the only home she has ever known, but if the too handsome, but surly sheriff doesn’t stop stealing her booth at Moonie’s, she just might.

When an earthquake unsettles the quaint and quiet village, Cohen and Alana will have to put aside their booth feud and work together. But there is more to the magic than meets the eye. Cohen and Alana might want to save their home, but as they uncover its mysteries, they lure the biggest threat right into their midst.

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Visit Hellscape Holidays Resort today and get Hitched to the Dragon🐉!

Whoever said you couldn’t entrust your life to a succubus and a barman obviously never met Portia and Lou. Their (Cooper and Alice’s) story is a real roller coaster but amazing all the same, a must in my book.” —Catriona Bain, a GoodReads reviewer

Hitched to the Dragon

Hitched to the Dragon is now available!

Hellscape Holidays, Book 2

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Alpha dragon shifter Cooper Dawson didn’t plan on visiting Hellscape Holidays Resort. It’s not his fault he crashed on the beach, barely clinging to life after a battle. Saved by a witch, he owes her a life debt. The problem is, Cooper can’t stop thinking about her, and once Portia and Lou get involved, he might leave the resort with a whole other kind of life…

Lone witch Alice Gatlin is in big trouble. She has pissed off one too many witches, and now, someone wants her dead. The only safe place for her is Hellscape Holidays Resort. Portia and Lou leap into action to help Alice. Their plan to save Alice from the assassins? Marry her off to the billionaire dragon she just happened to save!

Married in Hellscape Holidays to fulfill a life debt, Cooper and Alice won’t know what hits them when love comes to the devil’s playground.

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Gerri is back at work in Fanging Up!

This panther shifter wins every competition he enters, but can he win her heart?

Fanging Up

Fanging Up is now available!

Paranormal Dating Romance, Book 63

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Devlin Mitchell is a panther shifter and billionaire who has everything anyone could want… except a mate. That’s fine by him. He’s learned that people can’t be trusted, and darkness can lurk in even the most trusted friends. But when he meets Kate, he is tempted to throw all his trust issues to the wind and give her his heart.

Kate Reese dreams of becoming an interior designer, but is stuck working at a discount furniture store in the meantime. She’s had a lifetime of bouncing between her divorced parents’ homes, and always felt like the odd one out. Devlin’s trust issues match her own. Loving him should be a big no-no, but instead her heart is arguing for her to open up to him.

Gerri Wilder brings these two together, but even the fated mate sense doesn’t guarantee that two people with trust issues can come together. It will take hard work and determination on both sides, for these two to find their happily ever after.

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