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Milly Taiden
Whispers of the Panther's Shadow
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
April 7, 2024
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Two lovers, both obsessed with business, realize that what they really need most in this world is each other.

Alexis knew better than to challenge her friends to attend a forbidden shifter masquerade party. But what harm could come from doing the unexpected? Meeting a hot guy and having the best night of your life? That didn’t sound too bad. Not bad at all, until you realize you’ve fallen in love with a shifter. Oh, and this big, bad and deadly shifter has decided you’re his.

Magnus, panther shifter pride leader can’t believe he’s found his fated mate. Alexis is so much more than he expected and exactly what he needed. The human part of her is not usual but he doesn’t care, he wants her. Alexis soothes his panther and he intends on getting her to fall for him. If he has to keep her out of her clothes to achieve it, so be it.

It’s not all fairytales and dirty nights for Magnus and Alexis. Someone’s become obsessed with his mate and isn’t happy they’re a couple. The violence becomes too much for Alexis and she wants out of their budding romance. Magnus needs to show Alexis that being his mate is not all danger or risk losing the only woman he loves. But how to do that Alexis’ life hangs in the balance?

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