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Milly Taiden
Under the Hunter's Moon
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
June 20, 2024
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When the full moon hits so does the heat, and these shifters know just where to go to indulge their desires.

As a journalist, Fiona Watson is a careful observer of the world around her. When she discovers a mysterious gold key with an address inscribed, her curiosity is piqued. What she didn’t know was that the key would open the door to a whole new world, and a future she never imagined with an incredible Alpha wolf.

Callum Powers is the wealthy and admired Alpha of the Silver Claw Pack, who hosts the monthly Full Moon Masquerade. While others enjoy the debauchery, he seldom enjoys himself. That is, until a beautiful stranger wanders onto his property and turns his entire world upside-down.

Fiona and Callum will need to navigate surprises and learn to put business aside and give love a chance. Especially when a villain shows up, hoping to use Fiona as a way to force Callum to step down!

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