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Milly Taiden
Flames of the Dragon's Desire
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
September 26, 2024
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The timid librarian gets a fantasy of her own when she meets the sexy dragon king.

Chloe Hoffman thought she was going out for a night on the town with her closest friends, but ends up being dragged out to a mysterious shifter party in the woods. Not one for unpredictability, Chloe quickly finds her way into the mansion’s library—surrounded by books is her favorite place. But when a sexy man follows her in she’s not sure what to expect.

Adrian Dracos has made a lifetime goal to avoid meeting his mate. As a dragon shifter, he outlives nearly everyone, and he doesn’t want to open himself up to heartbreak. Against all odds, though, he finds a lovely human who activates that mate sense he thought would stay dormant forever—and now he can’t stand to think about living a single moment without her.

Convincing the cautious human to give love with a shifter a chance is one thing, but realizing that love has revealed a weakness to his centuries-old enemy is another. Is the chance at love worth risking everything for?

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