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Milly Taiden
Vote Then Read! 43 authors bring you stories full of romance, hope, and love.

Dear Readers, I’m so excited and proud to be included in this anthology. Take a look!

Vote Then Read

Get ready to cast your ballot and make your vote count!

43 authors bring you stories full of romance, hope, and love.

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Vote Then Read Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are available from November 2nd – 8th.

All proceeds for this boxed set collection will go toward wildfire relief in California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.


My book, DRAGON BABY, is included in VOTE THEN READ VOL.2

Dragon BabyThis is one sexy, sweet story about a man who needs a mate to survive and a woman who wants a family. There’s action, drama and LOTS of bad words and hot sex. :)

Lily Cruz doesn’t want a wolf for a mate. She’s totally not going to follow in her cousin’s footsteps. With one failed marriage behind her, she isn’t really interested in relationships period. But she would love to have babies. At almost forty, her biological clock is hammering over her head big time.

Thane Dreki won’t get some random woman pregnant just to stay alive. He isn’t interested in a relationship either. Having seen how a broken heart can destroy someone, the last thing he wants is to give any woman that power.

Thane might have to reconsider his stance when he meets Lily and a wild night of sex results in more than either of them bargained for. He’ll do anything to protect his woman and their baby, including killing anyone who threatens their existence. But the biggest problem he faces isn’t an enemy, it’s getting Lily to give their love a chance.

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Got a Halloween surprise for you guys!!
That Girl is Poison

OUT NOW: That Girl is Poison

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A HOT Standalone

Dr. Mara Maxwell is having a crappy day. She’s covering an extra shift at the hospital, it’s a full moon bringing out all the crazies, and the senior doctor is mysteriously sneaking out with medical supplies. Too curious for her own good, she follows the doctor to the hospital’s basement. Waking in a cage wasn’t in her plans, but that’s not the worst part. Now she’s…growling.

Xeon Pearse, alpha wolf for the Lumberton pack, is trying to find his missing sister and pack mates. When he gets a phone call from a stranger who tells him she knows where his wolves are, he and his beta Kyro jump into action. The instant Xeon and Mara meet, he knows she’s meant for him. But Kyro’s certain she’s meant for him too.

Together, during the day, the trio hunts down the monster playing Frankenstein to find out what he did to Mara. At night though, she’s dealing with two men loving her and multiple forces trying to take over her mind. It will take both alpha and beta to save their mate from herself. But they’ll need Mara to help control the monsters before they destroy everything in their path, including her.

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The Warrior King is LIVE!
Warriror King

Warrior King

The Crystal Kingdom: New Worlds
(The Crystal Kingdom, Book 6)

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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Also available in Print.

Lilah McClure may be mouthy, bossy, and overly bold, but she knows what’s fair and hates injustice of any kind. When she and her cousins are captured by the mountain fae, she learns they’re living in the freakin’ stone age. Equality between genders? Nope, not even as a joke. The female fae need a champion to stand up for them against their king, show them how their lives should be free from oppression. Lilah is more than willing to take on that job. There’s just one big, sexy, problem. Ferrus.

Ferrus sees no issues with how things have been for centuries. His beautiful, strong, independent woman is making him question the norms and traditions he’s known all his life and wonder if maybe their society is in need of an update. He isn’t sure what to believe, but he’s fallen for this strange little human, so he’ll do his best to keep her from being thrown into the dungeon, or eaten by wild forest creatures.

Lilah has to negotiate with a cold-hearted king for the future freedom of generations of females and show the fae she loves that his ways are barbaric and must change. We can’t forget that some guy wielding dark magic is after her and her cousins, wanting his own revenge on the Crystal Kingdom.

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Welcome to the world of the Warwick dragons!
Taming London

Taming London

The Warwick Dragons, Book 1

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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The book is also available in print.

London Warwick, dragon shifter and millionaire playboy, has been living a life of debauchery. He has no plans of changing his ways. Not even when his mother, a force of nature, decides he needs to revamp his image before he finds his mate. London has no plans on making things easy for the public relations wiz his mom hired to clean up his image. Not even if she’s his mate.

Bethany Russo has been crushing on London Warwick for way too long. But she is a professional with a PR nightmare to fix. She vows to put her hormones on lockdown. She is a professional, and she refuses to be another one of London’s conquests. Even if he is the walking definition of sexy male shifter.

The sparks between the pair are way too hard to handle. Stolen kisses collided with hidden secrets. It seems that every time Bethany opens her heart to London, something goes wrong. But can a cold case murder and an international hitman really stand in the way of destined mates?

Reader’s Note: Welcome to the world of the powerful Warwick family. These womanizing dragons are about to meet their matches.

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🔥 A new PDA novel!🔥 Hot Piece of Ash is now live!

Hot Piece of Ash

Hot Piece of Ash

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 28

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When Valentina Lombardi jokingly asks Gerri Wilder to hook her up with a sexy man or two, she doesn’t expect for Gerri to make it happen. Boy, does she deliver. In the warm beaches of Costa Bonita, Valentina is romanced by two gorgeous men. She can’t possibly date them both at the same time, can she? It’s wrong. It’s dirty. It’s what’s gonna happen.

Ash Jonz and Smoke Price need a mate to complete their triad and renew their island’s magic or their clan could be wiped out. When curvy, shy Valentina shows up, they know she’s the one. They want to keep her, mate her, and cement their marks on her. But how will she react to knowing they’re planning on sharing her. At the same time.

Fire Mountain’s in trouble. The volcano’s spewing steam that scares the islanders, and if Ash and Smoke don’t finalize their triad, the whole island could blow. That’s the least of their worries when one of their own decides they don’t want Valentina getting in their way.

Alpha and beta need to find their mate before she’s sacrificed for a pirate’s treasure.

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