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Milly Taiden
Nanny for the Dragon Daddy is “a must read for Taiden fans”!

“Brand new series from Milly Taiden is a charming read that wraps you up in the story from the first chapter. You get so caught up in the story…the beautiful little girl Alina who is being raised by Cadmus. He needs a nanny and hires Poppy who turns out to be his fated mate. Being an shifter with major responsibilities does not leave enough time for romance or fathering. A mysterious and intriguing storyline completes this read into a must read for Taiden fans. Excellent ❤️❤️.” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Dragon Daddy

Nanny for the Dragon Daddy is now available!

Shifter Daddies, Book 1

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Poppy Dunsfield needs a job. Since she likes kids, a nanny position seems ideal. She thinks she can handle the secluded location, but her employer’s mysterious disappearances and strange happenings are too much. She can’t stay, no matter how handsome he is or how his voice sends delicious shivers down her back.

Cadmus Xarveom, dragon shifter, suspects his brother’s and sister-in-law’s deaths weren’t an accident. When his new nanny turns out to be his mate, she makes investigating difficult. He really wants to get to know her and romance his woman, but first he has to find a killer.

Cadmus’s secrets catch up with him when he discovers the enemy has infiltrated his home and has sights set on getting revenge. With Poppy oblivious to the danger, the distractions and little fibs could cost him the lives of the two people he’s come to love the most.

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Welcome back to Half Moon Key!

Oh these bad boys are about to fall for the least expected sassy ladies. Hang on to your undies, folks. And grab your copy now: Book three, Roaring for a Scratch, is now available from Amazon Kindle!

Roaring for a Scratch

Roaring for a Scratch is now available!

Half Moon Key, Book 3

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Everyone in Half Moon Key knows that Nora Ledger, the shy worker in the town’s ice cream shop, is in love with Jack Hayes. Everyone but Jack Hayes that is. She pines for him at a distance, never able to say more than two words to the gorgeous blue-eyed man. But that is all about to change.

Jack Hayes has a lot of secrets. The only person who knows him is Mrs. Francis, the oldest person in town, who is adamant that beautiful, quiet Nora is into him. Jack is shocked. He’s not sure how to keep sweet, shy Nora away from him, but trying is getting more difficult every time she smiles at him.

But fate is a little dodgy in Half Moon Key, not just the electricity and internet. Thankfully, Nora and Jack have good friends… the meddling kind. Thrown together by fate and a scavenger hunt, these two destined mates will have to read all the signs to get to where they’re meant to be. No easy feat when Jack is a man full of deadly secrets.

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Are you ready for more Mob Ties + Shifters + Super Hot Romance?

Book 2 in the Mob Ties Shifter Romance Series is LIVE!

Biting His Time

Biting His Time is now available!

Mob Ties, Book 2

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Ace is ready to be a boss. He’s taking over for his cousin in the family. His new mission is to figure out what’s going on with their product and who’s causing trouble. He is caught off guard when he find his stash at a woman’s house. A beautiful, delicate female who happens to be his mate.

Emma’s stuck in a stash house, living the life of criminal, until Ace shows up at her door. His brash exterior and strong personality should scare her, but it doesn’t. His protectiveness and gentle attitude give her hope that maybe he’ll save her. And if she’s lucky maybe he’ll keep her.

Ace and Emma will have to go up against her family to save her. And when Ace decides to bring the enemy into his own family, he’ll have to watch his own back to continue being the boss. With enemies at every turn, they’ll have to fight for the love neither wants to admit to, but both would die for.

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Meet Alpha Geek: Levi! 🤓

This lone wolf needs to protect a geek… but does her heart need that protection more?

Alpha Geek: Levi

Alpha Geek: Levi is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 19

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Hannah Tyson doesn’t mind her reputation as a “lone wolf” in the shifter protection agency. She finds solitude more predictable than human interactions. The only thing that can take her away from her wooded sanctuary is a really great case, and Nick has just shown up and offered her one. Levi is different from what she expected and he’s making wonder if love could really be for her.

Levi Sandoval has spent his life trying to create a legacy outside of his father’s shadow. But he never knew that creating tech to be used in drones would end up making him a target for vigilantes. Now, he needs a bodyguard who will keep him safe while he completes his next project. Levi wasn’t prepared for his bodyguard to be a gorgeous badass who provides him ample distraction from his work.

Hannah is used to being let down and abandoned, so she’s not sure she should trust her fated mates instinct, especially when her mate is a fragile human geek. But with the help of the agency’s serum, Levi turns into one big, bad alpha tiger, and he wakes up ready for action. Not only does he want to claim his mate, but he wants to take the bad guys head on.

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Meet Demon Huntress Cassandra Merewen!
Demon Huntress

Demon Huntress is now available!

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Demon hunter Cassandra Merewen is on the trail of a demon conspiracy. She’s the best of the best, and nothing will get in the way of her completing the job. Well, except for two gorgeous wolf shifters who she can’t get out of her mind. But she’s her own lone wolf who will never let her heart be entangled. Her life’s mission won’t allow it.

Co-alphas Slade Reynolds and Flash Winterpaw are about as dysfunctional as friends can be. Slade has lost everyone he’s ever loved, and Flash has issues no doctor can cure. Their only hope is to find their one true mate who supposedly will complete them. And once they lay their eyes on Cassandra, they know there’s no other woman for them.

But what can they do when said mate refuses to open her heart to them? How can a couple of clueless bachelors romance a woman who knows what she wants out of life, and it’s not them?

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