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Milly Taiden
Wanted: A Nanny for the Panther Daddy ❤️🐆

“This was a crazy good read!! Liz has had a crush on her boss. Chad and his panther have a thing for Liz, but has never acted on it because she’s human. Opportunity arises when Chad needs a nanny […], so Liz steps up to try and get closer to Chad. She decides she’s going to make her move. Things start to heat up and take a turn for the worse. Milly sure knows how to pique our interest! You know when there’s a crazy Ex it’s going to be interesting. Plus a steamy hot paranormal romance, Meow!!—Tyrene, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Panther Daddy

Nanny for the Panther Daddy is now available!

Shifter Needs a Nanny, Book 6

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Liz leaned on the doorframe with her arms crossed over her chest. A few stray curls shining bronze in the weak office light fell over her eyes. He tamped down the need to lick his way up her body.

She smiled slightly, and his desire multiplied. She was smart, sassy, snarky and absolutely perfect. Mine. 

His panther purred again from her scent alone.

He glanced over her, examining her supple curves. The hair. The lips. The body. She was fucking beautiful.

And that stubborn stare she gave him? He was in deep trouble. But what he wanted was to be deep in her. 

How in the world was he going to keep his hands off her?

He wasn’t.

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Return to the Midnight Mates Club with Fang on a Second

Fang on a Second

Fang on a Second is now available!

Midnight Mates, Book 7

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Arden caught the scent. Her scent. It floated in the air, close to the front doors of the club. It was bright and blaring and obvious to only him. It was intoxicatingly delicious.

He put his drink down and followed it. All the way to his office. And that was when he realized that this meeting with the club’s new accountant might not be as boring as he had anticipated.


The panther growled, and Arden swallowed the growl before it reached his throat. It was guttural, low, dark, and feral.

When she turned, her face was as lovely as Arden had hoped. Her blue eyes sparkled…and those full lips. She had a heart-shaped face and long, sweeping eyelashes.


Only mine.

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🐺 A Howl in One 🐺 is live!
A Howl in One

A Howl in One is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 74

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Just another day in the restaurant. That’s what Eliana thought, until a walking alpha god stepped into the room.

Frozen in place, her heart pounded, and her head spun. She didn’t know what was happening to her. She usually rushed off to greet and seat the newest customers as they arrived, but this man, in all his chiseled, sensual deliciousness, had her spellbound.

His dark hair, devastating eyes, and his sheer size reeked of alpha male energy. Eliana had never seen or felt that. Her pack members didn’t exhibit those qualities.

Eliana was intoxicated by his aroma. Hot cocoa with roasted vanilla rose over the scent of the dark roast coffee brewing nearby. Sweet and tempting, she tried to hold in the burning desire to drink him in.

He was a man on a mission, his stride smooth and confident as he approached the counter. Eliana’s heart beat faster with each inch he came closer.It hit her when he was about halfway through the building.

Mine! Her animal demanded.

No, no, no, not this. Not now.

Yes. Now.

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It’s Howl Day!

“Loved it! Great shifter/fated mates romance… Full of steam and growls…” —Marianne, a GoodReads reviewer

The Howl Day

The Howl Day is now available!

Midnight Mates, Book 6

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He picked up the scent. Mate.


He growled. The sound made him tremble with equal amounts of excitement and fear. When he glanced ahead of him, he saw her.

She was stunning. All curves, blonde hair, and red lips. Mine. All mine.

The wolf inside him growled so loudly that Blaze shook. But he kept his cool. He stared at her with every step she took into the club, his fingers begging him to touch her.

Now they were in Midnight Mates, and Leo, the club’s manager, came up beside him.

“Security says you brought a date?” Leo asked him, his voice incredibly chipper.

“Not exactly.” He turned to go to the bar. “She’s here for you more than me.”

No. She’s mine. Only mine. Don’t forget it. Every step he took away from her made the animal fight for control. He didn’t like it.

And Blaze liked it even less.

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Wanted: A Nanny for the Bear Daddy ❤️🐻

“If you want a sweet love story …look no further. Chocked full of heat, this one will tug at your heart strings. Tiber needs a nanny for his sweet daughter Marigold. Throw in that he is a bear shifter and must mate another shifter according to the council.In walks his human mate and things get hot from there.” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Bear Daddy

Nanny for the Bear Daddy is now available!

Shifter Needs a Nanny, Book 5

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This book is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Lyra Clemmons is desperate for a job, so she jumps at the opportunity when she sees an ad for a nanny. Finding her employer to be a hot, single dad with an adorable infant was an unexpected perk. Of course, those hot glances he gives her have her wondering if there could be more between them.

Timber Mahogany is the leader of the Montana Maul, a clan of bear shifters protecting what’s theirs. But it’s time for a rebellion when the antiquated bear council tells him he can’t have his fated mate because she’s a human. There’s no way he’s giving up his curvy goddess.

Lyra knows a time will come when the love of her life will bring freedom to all the bears secretly living with human mates. But will he have to sacrifice his life to get what he wants? If the council has its way, both Lyra and Timber will be the prime examples of what happens when the law is disobeyed.

* * *

“Come in,” Timber yelled, not bothering to move as he started wiping baby Marigold down again. “Please, just come in.”

Lyra Clemmons was a vision of wavy, shiny blonde hair. Plump curves that made his hands itch and … he had never seen an ass that spectacular before.

The uncertain smile she had been wearing dropped from her face as she examined the situation Timber was in. Then she dumped her bag on the floor and walked briskly toward him, rolling up the sleeves of her shirt.

He was breathless and didn’t say anything as she pushed him away and expertly cleaned up Marigold and put her in a diaper in one fluid motion. “You should always, always put a wipe over her little baby butt to protect your clothing,” Lyra said sternly.

Timber nodded dumbly. His heart was racing.

“Baby poop is lethal. You have to protect yourself,” she continued.

Lyra was the only person who had answered the ad he had placed in the Missoula Daily newspaper. And now that she was here, Timber never wanted her to leave.

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