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Milly Taiden
✨ Return to Misfit Bay in Bearing His Mark! ✨

“Gina and Nick both end up in Misfit Bay due to magical intervention. This story is filled with drama, sexual heat, fights for survival and ultimately happily ever after. If you like your paranormal romance with lots of spicy sex and magic on the side, you’ll love Bearing His Mark.” — Diana Page, a GoodReads reviewer

Bearing His Mark

Bearing His Mark is now available!

Misfit Bay, Book 3

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Gina Malone has had the same dream for the past two weeks. Imagine her surprise when she discovers the place of her dreams is real. Gina’s also shocked at a handsome man in the strange little town makes her feel so special. She doesn’t want to like him, but he’s making her temperature skyrocket.

Striking out on his own, Nick Carver is searching for a new life. Finding himself in Misfit Bay, he can’t believe that the perfect job falls into his lap. And when Nick’s eyes land on beautiful, sassy and delectable Gina, he’s done for. He’s found his mate. Now, all he wants is to get Gina to finally agree to be his.

Gina and Nick have more than their own struggles to fight. Surrounded by magic, they’re torn between choosing happiness together or loneliness apart. They battle evil, destiny and themselves to survive in this strange little town.

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What’s a girl to do when she’s tapped out the dating pool on Earth?

Travel with Gerri to Nova Aurora to meet an amazing shifter man, that’s what!

Roar Deal

Roar Deal is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 61

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Lexi’s unlucky in love, a magnet for the men at the bottom of the dating barrel. So when Gerri Wilder tells her there’s another possibility: one that includes fated mates, shifters, and going to an alien planet, even the cynical Lexi thinks it might be her only shot at finding something new.

Rao is the leader of the Shadowed Rock Pride on Nova Aurora. He never asked to be matched by Gerri, but King Alyx didn’t give him a choice. When he meets Lexi he can’t believe the curvy girl is meant to be his. She’s sweet and sassy and he can’t keep his hands away from her.

Lexi thinks Rao is too good to be true. Rao thinks that he doesn’t deserve his own happily ever after and is prepared to be rejected by his fated mate. Can these two broken lovers piece each other’s heart together and become extraordinary together? Or will they both go back to their ordinary lives?

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✨🌙 Welcome back to Half Moon Key! 🌙✨

Welcome back to Half Moon Key!

Oh these bad boys are about to fall for the least expected sassy ladies. Hang on to your undies, folks. And grab your copy now: Book two, A Curl of His Tail, is now available from Amazon Kindle!

5 Stars! “A shifter romance that is beyond sweet. Half Moon Key is a very unique place. We definitely learn some more about it and it’s very odd quirks. Jade was born and raised there and loves her hometown. She loves the people and all the quirks. When a new man moves into the small town and leaves everyone talking and gossiping. Parker is young but also retired. He will soon learn that the easy life isn’t always easy for a man from the big city.” — Raina, a GoodReads reviewer

A Curl of His Tail

A Curl of His Tail is now available!

Half Moon Key, Book 2

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Panther shifter, Parker Dawson, is retired. Sort of. He’s barely in his thirties, but he needs a quiet life. Once he lays eyes on Jade Curran, Half Moon Key gets a whole lot more interesting. The small-town beauty has him at the palm of her hand and he’s not even gonna fight it. 

Jade Curran didn’t think she’d find love in the arms of the town’s handsome newcomer. But her body has dictated it now wants him and there’s little she can do. She can fight it, but when he shows her how caring, big, strong and badass he is, she’s not sure she wants to.

When the Half Moon Key grid goes down, old habits die hard, and Parker insists on fixing the town’s security flaws. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare Parker for the danger waiting just outside of town. Half Moon Key might be secluded, but trouble has found it…

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Meet Alpha Geek: Maverick! 🤓

A lioness must guard a geek who has a target on his back so big that the federal government is involved. Is this one case that the agency will have to hand over?

Alpha Geek: Maverick

Alpha Geek: Maverick is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 18

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Pilar Douglas is a lion shifter working as a bodyguard while supporting her younger sister. She’d never thought that taking a job would lead to her finding her mate, until she steps into Maverick’s condo and her inner lioness screams mine!

Maverick Wilcox wants to find a cure for the disease that took his sister from him, but his efforts have been noticed by the wrong people. Now, a local group wants him to use his big brain for their own schemes, and they’ll stop at nothing to make him join them. But he’s not interested. All Maverick wants is to get to know the beautiful Pilar a little better and get her to date him.

When Maverick is poisoned, he’s ready to die instead of agreeing to help these bad guys. Even when they offer him the antidote, he says no. Fortunately, Pilar has the agency’s special serum on hand to neutralize the poison. Only now, Maverick is a big bad alpha shifter, and he’s the one calling the shots!

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🥳 🥳 🥳 Paranormal Dating Agency novel no. 60 is now available! 🎉 🎉 🎉

The tables are turned when this billionaire doesn’t fit in with his mate’s bohemian lifestyle!

Roar Enforcement

Roar Enforcement is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 60

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Gerri Wilder has matched up billionaire Jake with Casey, a philosopher who hangs out at slam poetry bars. Jake isn’t unfamiliar with the art scene as he comes from a family of artists, but he’d hoped that his mate would be more business-minded, like him. That doesn’t stop him from admiring her creative beauty, dazzling smile and sassy personality.

Casey doubts that the billionaire alpha lion shifter has anything in common with her. He’s a bit stuffy, stubborn and doesn’t smile enough. Still, she’s not sure how to handle the steamy looks he gives her or the way his touch makes her breath catch. She knows it’s a road to nowhere, but she wants to see how far they could go.

Neither thinks they have anything in common, but they soon learn that they do have common ground. They both like deep meaningful conversations, midnight strolls under the starry skies… and monster truck rallies! It’s not the typical sweet romance here. These two get down and dirty and love every second of it. Hopefully they can keep each other alive enough to enjoy their happily-ever-after.

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