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Milly Taiden
Who knew that an arranged marriage would lead to such an all-consuming love?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I loved this book! Addison & Tyler make a great couple. Addison is a computer geek that is unsure of the arranged marriage. Tyler is the Alpha King of Somberglen and knows Addison is his mate … Tyler ends up bringing Addison inside the castle to live because of the bounty on her head … If you want to know who was behind the threats to Addison you’ll need to read the book and it’s not who you think it is.” —Becky, a GoodReads reviewer

The Wolf King's Demand

The Wolf King’s Demand is now available!

Pack Royalty, Book 3

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Who knew that a marriage arranged so long ago would lead to such an all-consuming love?

Addison knows she has to go through with her planned wedding to King Tyler. And while he’s certainly good-looking and makes her knees buckle, she doesn’t think that would make them compatible in the long run. Yes, he’s broody and growly in all the sexy ways, but is that enough? If he’s truly the one for her, shouldn’t she feel…more?

King Tyler of Somberglen is certain that Addison of Autumhart is his fated mate. He loves her more than life itself and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her realize they’re meant to be together. Addison is the woman for him. He just has to take the time to show her they’re perfect for each other.

The biggest problem? Addison, who is half-human, cannot shift into her wolf form. And because of that, she cannot feel the mating bond the way he does. There’s also the issue of a bounty on Addison’s head. In a race against the clock he has to figure out the attacks and the bounty before someone tries to kill Tyler’s queen.

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Blood Born: A Vampire / Werewolf Enemy-to-Lovers Romance!

“That was an outstanding read!! A vampire/wolf mystery romance! Celestine and her sisters are Half bloods living in Longville. Reece is the Blackstone pack Alpha working as a PI, investigating mysterious death in the area. He meets Celestine and realizes his mate is a Vampire. He hates Vampires because they killed his family. Only thing is she’s his mate he can’t stay away from. They bicker like an old married couple, as they say opposites attract. They team up to help solve the deaths and find the Vampire responsible. Enemy-to-lover story that’s intriguing to see this train wreck of a relationship survive. Entertaining storyline from the start, highly recommend this read by Milly!” —Tyrene, a GoodReads reviewer

Blood Born

BLOOD BORN is now available!

The Half Bloods, Book 1

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Wolf alpha Reece Blackstone hates vampires. He was orphaned because of a bloodsucker. When Celestine Longborn prances into his life, Reece’s hatred of vampires gets complicated. Not only is she a Half Blood, the hot blonde is his mate. He can’t believe his bad luck, especially not when Celestine offers to help him deal with the vampire threat.

Celestine Longborn doesn’t think of herself as a vampire. She’s a Half Blood who has never drunk a drop of blood. Convincing Reece of that is hard. But if he wants to save his town, he’ll have to lay aside his feelings and work with her. The grumpy and sinful looking wolf is not her idea of the man for her, but fate seems to think so.

Of course, some feelings are easier to ignore than others, and both are having a hard time fighting their attraction. With a deadly threat looming, love will have to save the day. But will it be too late for the wolf and the Half Blood or can they do what’s never been done before?

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She’s Having the Dragon’s Baby…

Marcus is a dragon shifter and he is being pressured because he still has not given his family an heir, he decides to apply to the SSA, a respected Surrogate Agency for shifters and is surprised when his match actually turns out to be his mate. He holds off telling her about the group of dragons he leads that are called Thunder. There is plenty of action and love and sexual chemistry is off the charts, you will not be able to put the book down until you reach the end of the book.” —Sue, a GoodReads reviewer

“This is an enjoyable dragon shifter read! Betrayal and action graced the pages as well has smoking hot romantic scenes. I loved how Rachel was accepted into the Thunder even though she was human. This is a nice addition to the series. ❤️❤️” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

“Love, hot dragon sex, and some dragon battles—what more could you want?—Denise, a GoodReads reviewer

Having the Dragon's Baby

HAVING THE DRAGON’S BABY is now available!

Shifter Surrogate Program, Book 3

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Tired of her humdrum life in a quaint town’s diner, Rachel Brookes is ready to make big changes in her life. Ideally with motherhood and a loving partner. Since that’s not happening, she settles for being part of the Shifter Surrogate Program. This puts her on the path of the strongest, hottest and baddest dragon shifter ever.

Marcus, alpha of the Artemis dragon thunder, can’t find the source of young shifters vanishing, leaving a chilling trail of kidnappings across various clans and packs. Along with that, his family and den are pressuring him to secure an heir. When he meets his new surrogate, he discovers they have a deeper bond than he could have imagined.

An elusive adversary threatens to destroy their newfound happiness. As the shifter world trembles, Marcus must protect his fated mate and the life they’ve created. Can he find the unknown enemy and safeguard their love? And will Rachel embrace the unforeseen risks of love in a world of supernatural danger?

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Wanted: A Nanny for the Polar Daddy ❤️🐻‍❄️

“This is a heartwarming story about a pediatric nurse… When a job search brings up a private nursing position that involves a young girl who is badly hurt and traumatized, Nora immediately applies for it… She is surprised by her prospective employer’s age and good looks, but she immediately hits it off with his adopted daughter. Hannah needs her experience and Hudson needs her help… These three belong together. There is some drama and a daring rescue before the HEA.” —Denise, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Polar DaddyNanny for the Polar Daddy is now available!

Shifter Needs a Nanny, Book 7

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Pediatric nurse Nora Williams can’t do her job anymore. She needs a clean slate. A new job. When she agrees to work as a medical nanny for an orphaned child, she doesn’t expect her guardian to be so hunky. She’s not supposed to notice his good looks or strong body, but she’s having a hard time keeping her blood pressure and hormones under control.

Hudson Connors, a polar bear shifter, lost his best friend in a plane crash where the only survivor was the young daughter, who was critically injured. Hudson knows he needs help. Nora is perfect for the job. She has experience, is great with children and knows how to handle trauma cases. She’s also the most beautiful, intelligent and caring woman he’s ever met. Oh, and she’s his mate.

Fate decides that both are lucky to find each other to solve all their problems. But the challenges are just beginning. His perfect mate is human and they’re not allowed into the clan. Then he learns that the plane crash may not have been accidental and those responsible aren’t done. Hudson and Nora need to work together to save the child, even if their romance is doomed before it even blossoms.

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The Shifter Surrogate Program continues with Having the Bear’s Baby
Having the Bear's Baby

HAVING THE BEAR’S BABY is now available!

Shifter Surrogate Program, Book 2

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Emma Monroe’s heart beats for a single purpose: motherhood. Her longing drives her to take a bold step and sign up for the enigmatic Shifter Surrogacy Program. Destiny has plans for her. This decision will plunge her into a reality she never thought possible. Her actions will throw her into the warm embrace of a man she couldn’t have imagined existed…even in her wildest dreams.

Liam, the Alpha bear of the Boren Clan, carries an unspoken wish deep within … the yearning for a family to call his own. When his sister nudges him toward the very same agency, fate begins to weave intricate threads that will forever entwine his life with Emma’s. His need for Emma runs deeper than just wanting a family. He wants her.

When mysterious figures emerge demanding Emma’s distance from Liam, an unsettling suspicion creeps into Liam’s mind … a traitor lurks within the very clan he calls family. As the threats to his mate escalate, their unborn child becomes a target. Will Emma decide to stay and accept Liam is her fated mate, or will she leave to protect her baby?

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