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Milly Taiden
The Monster Orcs of Protheka are back!

After Stick An Orc In It and His Orc Is Worse Than His Bite, Milly Taiden and Celeste King deliver a brand new action-adventure romance featuring the Monster Orcs of Protheka! Enjoy reading Slamming the Orc today!

Slamming the Orc

Slamming the Orc is now available!

Monster Orcs of Protheka, Book 3

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It’s survival of the fittest.
My sister and I are not the fittest. Hell.
Still, we’ve survived.
But dark elves and orcs control earth.
Only, now we’re surrounded.
We need a knight in shining armor to save us. 
Well, how about in a shining loincloth instead?

I am Jovak, Orc chieftain of the Shattered Rock tribe.
I’ve just interrupted some orcs trying to eat humans.
But when I see Paige, I know I need to save her.
She’s the one. My one. 
My problems are bigger than even I know.

My tribe is in trouble.
There are those trying to take my power.
Several of my people have gone missing.

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Forever Bite (Pack Wars #1) is now available!

What do you do when your land is about to be taken? You fight. But what happens when the one you’re fighting is your mate? You get a whole lot more than you expected.

Forever Bite

Forever Bite is now available!

Pack Wars, Book 1

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Reika Lovell turned away from her wolf shifter heritage wanting to live the peaceful life of a human in the city. She hasn’t shifted in so long, her senses are dulled to the point of being a true human. So when she sleeps with the gorgeous enemy, she doesn’t have a clue until more of them beat down her door.

Owen Raff is the alpha heir, but he’d rather be out with friends having a good time instead of solving other wolves’ problems. When he meets his mate, his heart doesn’t care about old battle lines. But he should have because now she has a target on her back because of him.

Now it’s the world against Reika and Owen. They go on the run to protect their love, but who needs enemies when your own pack is hunting you down because your soul belongs to the “wrong” person?

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All for the Beast

Matchmaking continues on planet Nova Aurora when Gerri is involved…

All for the Beast

All for the Beast is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 64

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
This book is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Katy Jacobson’s life had come to a standstill. She loved her job as a cruise entertainment director, but she was burned out. When Gerri Wilder offered her an interesting adventure on the planet Nova Aurora, Katy jumped at the chance. Did Gerri forget to mention to her that she’s a matchmaker with a perfect record?

Seawolf shifter, Prince Vharlk Siborim, is trying to save his people and town from dying out. As tourists dwindle, so does business. He needs someone who can help him drum up excitement and bring visitors back to their oceanside village. When Vhar sees Katy’s he’s instantly attracted.

Vhar’s newfound mate doesn’t appear to feel the same way. In fact, she’s adamant that after their business contract is done, she’s going back to Earth. If Katy remains too afraid to admit her feelings for Vharlk, it would mean the death of him. Literally.

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🦁 It’s Time to Roar! 🦁

How can two dysfunctional souls come together as one if each of them is too afraid to open up to the other? You’ll have to read TIME TO ROAR to find out…

Time to Roar

Time to Roar is now available!

Midnight Mates, Book 4

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Maeve Lawson is a wonderful counselor for her students, but she never takes her own advice when it comes to intimate relationships. It’s easy to tell someone else how to communicate effectively. It’s much harder putting it into practice, which is the heart of her problems. But when she meets a big, hunky lion, she’s ready to give intimacy a shot.

Leo, a lion shifter and the manager of Midnight Mates, has survived living without a pride by burying himself in long, hard hours working to make the bar a huge success for his friends … his chosen family. He’s happy and content with his life until the woman of his dreams leans on his counter. Maeve is sweet, beautiful and makes every protective instinct in him go off. 

How can two dysfunctional souls come together as one if each of them is too afraid to open up to the other? Fate has a way of bringing mates together, but life has many ways to keep them apart.

“The story is spicy and does start with an instant-lust. But from there things change for the main characters. Their relationship has lots of downs but just as many ups. The romance builds up. Then there are the friends. They will be a big part of things while being both annoying and caring. But without them the story wouldn’t of been the same.” —Raina, a GoodReads reviewer

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I do so enjoy the creative mind of Milly Taiden! Her Shifter Daddies series has been a exceptional journey into the land of shifters and book two continues to do so. We meet Nox who is all alpha and a sweetheart. Kelli enters his life and bam . . . fated mates. I loved the mystery of Nox’s brother and wife’s disappearance and how strong Kelli was when time came to help rescue them. Enjoyable read❤️❤️” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

It is hard to put down this book. Our MMC (= main male character) might be a bit arrogant, it’s just the way he is, but he has redeeming qualities that makes him lovable in his own way. First and foremost is his love and patience with his niece and second is his fierce love for his mate.” —Trixie, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Wolf Daddy

Nanny for the Wolf Daddy is now available!

Shifter Needs a Nanny, Book 2

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
This book is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

When wolf alpha Nox Thryen’s brother and sister-in-law go missing, their toddler becomes his responsibility. What does a bachelor know about dirty diapers, snotty noses, and baby puke? He’s in deep doo-doo and totally clueless. He needs help. And when his eyes land on his new nanny, he knows one thing for sure, she’s his.

After years of hard work, Kelli Wells now owns her own child-care agency. Receiving a desperate call from a non-client for help, she takes pity on him and agrees to assist until a proper replacement can be found. When he opens his front door, his gorgeous eyes make her think a substitute could wait—like forever.

As his new nanny sweeps in and takes control of the situation, he realizes she’s more than just his mate. She’s beautiful, smart, and has a loving heart. So when she endangers herself to help him find the toddler’s parents, he’s frantic to save all of them now. If he can’t rescue his mate and his family from a psychotic slave driver, Nox and the little girl will find themselves both orphaned without the ones they love the most.

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