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Milly Taiden
A brand new series of shifter’s and their mates…and babies!

Welcome to the Shifter Surrogate Program!

Having the Wolf's Baby

HAVING THE WOLF’S BABY is now available!

Shifter Surrogate Program, Book 1

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Sara yearns for a future filled with children. With a past peppered with the scars of disastrous dates and failed relationships she’s disillusioned by love. Then a chance presents itself to be a surrogate for a shifter. If this is her only way to get her baby, she’s going for it. What she didn’t expect for the baby’s father to give her the dream of a happily-ever-after. 

Xavier, a leader bound by responsibility, must produce a legacy that only an heir can secure. He’s yet to meet his mate, so the next best option is to get an offspring in an unconventional way. He signs up with a surrogate agency, but ends up with more than he ever bargained for. A mate and family fall right into his lap. Now he only needs to convince Sara she’s the only curvy goddess he wants. 

As their bond deepens, a prodigal sibling’s return and a chilling threat cast shadows over their shared future. When someone threatens the lives of Sara and their baby, Xavier will do everything in his power to hunt the people responsible. Together, they must cross a treacherous path to protect their newfound happiness, their child and uncover secrets that test the limits of love’s resilience.

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Pack Alpha’s Redemption is now available!

My favorite in the series! The final book is the Alpha and Ceo of the company/pack. His brothers have all found their mates and made their lives complete. Not that Wilder hasn’t found his, but she is already taken by another human. For five long years, he has mourned his loneliness. Then she shows up needing help hiding from her criminal husband. Great characters, many from the previous books in the series, plenty of steam, danger, and a satisfying end—maybe!”
—Cheri, a GoodReads review

Pack Alpha's Redemption

PACK ALPHA’S REDEMPTION is now available!

Blood Moon Wolves, Book 4

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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Wolf alpha Wilder Wolverton is known for two things – being CEO of Blood Moon Agency and his grumpiness. He runs the pack and the protection agency with an iron fist, but his hardened exterior hides a secret. Five years ago, Wilder met his mate but she couldn’t be his. At least, until she walks back into his life.

Amelia Sunderland didn’t choose her husband. She only agreed to the union to save her family. But after five years of hell, running away from her criminal husband won’t be easy. If the Blood Moon Agency doesn’t help her, she will die. Wilder has always made her crave him in all the wrong ways. Now if only he can help keep her alive.

When Wilder’s mate begs him for help and protection from her husband, Wilder has to help. Intent on protecting her, he tries to keep his heart on lockdown. He can’t ask her to love him, but maybe she could fall for the wolf alpha. It’s his one chance to finally get the woman he’s been desperate to call…Mine!

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Falling in love while hunting down a murderer wasn’t part of the plan…

Wolf Hunter's Moon

WOLF HUNTER’S MOON is now available!

Blood Moon Wolves, Book 3

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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Caroline Knight, proud podcaster and mystery-solver, is on the strangest case of her career. Two ancient vases were stolen, and their owners were brutally murdered. When her life is threatened, she knows she is on to something. Meeting a man so hot he makes her knees buckle is definitely not what she expected while crime-solving.

The last thing wolf shifter Ryland Wolverton wants is a complication. His life is busy enough running the International Crime Unit of his family’s company, Blood Moon Agency. He doesn’t need a mate to be satisfied. Especially not a beautiful, sassy and strong-minded podcaster who gets herself into trouble.

The second Caroline flies into his life everything changes. Ryland doesn’t want a mate, but he doesn’t want to lose Caroline either. Falling in love while hunting down a murderer wasn’t part of the plan. The wolf and the podcaster might be together forever … unless their love is cut short by unknown enemies.

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The Blood Moon Wolves return in Luna Wolf’s Heat
Luna Wolf's Heat

LUNA WOLF’S HEAT is now available!

Blood Moon Wolves, Book 2

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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Elizabeth Mooney’s having a bad year. Her boyfriend didn’t just cheat on her. He stole her algorithm and passed it off as his, leading to Elizabeth being fired. She’s innocent, but it’s of little comfort. The only thing she enjoys is playing her favorite video game with Blood Wolf. She doesn’t know his real name, but when he offers help, she can’t turn him down.

Canaan Wolverton is a lone wolf. He’s a reclusive gamer. He also runs the IT department for Blood Moon Agency. But what he isn’t is a man who falls in love with a woman he’s never met. Or so he keeps telling himself. When the mysterious Queen_Luna shares her sad tale, he can’t help but jump into action.

Saving the woman of his dreams won’t be that simple. Not when Canaan realizes she’s his mate. He wants to start forever with her, but the past looms too large. It threatens everything. Canaan is used to hard quests. And the path to true love might just be the most noble quest of all. If they can live through it.

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A new high stakes shifter mob romance that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Some people will do anything to save and pry those they love. And sometimes that means making very stupid and dangerous decisions. Lorena will do anything to make sure her father lives and gets the medical surgeries he needs. But taking money from the wrong man may not be the best idea. Thomas is definitely a good man and somehow fate has led Lorena to him. Can he help and protect her or will it mean a war for his pack? Plenty of drama and heat.”
—Raina, a GoodReads reviewer

Bite and See

Bite and See is now available!

Mob Ties, Book 6

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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Lorena needs money. Fast. If she doesn’t find some soon her father will die, and she will have to live without him, something she’s not ready to do. When she’s offered financial help in exchange for betraying a childhood friend, she’s got no choice but to accept. No matter how much she wants to be with Thomas, she wants her father alive.

Thomas returned home for his mother’s funeral after being away from his pride for years. When he sees his childhood friend again, he immediately knows she’s his mate. He also knows that she’s as attracted to him as he is to her, but something is keeping her from going all the way with him.

Lorena has to choose between betraying Thomas to save her father’s life or finally accepting his help. Will the threats surrounding the Leone pride go away quietly or will this lead to an all-out war?

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