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Milly Taiden
Settling the Paw is live!

“Joanna is a sweet and caring woman that puts all of her time and energy into helping others. She’s never afraid to ask for help if it will help her charity. But it does take up all of her time. Marcus on the other hand, does everything on his own. Running the pack is a full-time job. He definitely has no time for a mate. Gerri has plans for these two. If they can stick it out together, and learn to bend a little, they will find their HEA.” —Tara Heilman., a 5 Star GoodReads review

Settling the Paw

Settling the Paw is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 48

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Settling the Paw is also available in print.

Joanna Hertz has one mission in life: to make the lives of those less fortunate better. She’s devoted most of her life to her work, except for the time she walked in on her boyfriend with another woman. Now her charity is all she has and she likes it that way. When Gerri Wilder promises her romance, she’s not interested. Not even when the handsome Marcus brings her dead heart back to life. Right? Maybe.

Marcus Malone puts the word workaholic to shame. The only time he’s home is to sleep. Then throw on top of that his control-freak inclinations and you have a wolf shifter who has no room for relationships. That is, until he meets Joanna. Once he does, he knows she’s the one for him. Does he want a mate? No. But for Joanna, every rule he has goes out the window.

Nobody, not even Gerri see the turmoil building in Marcus’s pack coming. A war is brewing and his alpha position and his life are in jeopardy. What a time to be alive. Or not. When Joanna goes into action to help him, Marcus has to make a choice—his life or hers?

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❤️🦁🦁 Gerri Wilder to the rescue! Two lion shifters are looking for a mate in Roar and Peace ❤️🦁🦁

Mack Smith and Victor James are lion shifters that need a mate and Gerri Wilder is just the woman to find them one. (…) I liked that the female heroine Dani, is struggling with her magical powers as a witch. This peaked my interest…a witch who can’t control her powers? I liked that the story included this element of uncertainty. The plot unravels around some hotter than hot romantic interludes which kept you right on reading.” —Nancy R., a 5 Star GoodReads review

Roar and Peace

Roar and Peace is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 47

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Roar and Peace is also available in print.

For being a witch, Dani Rhoderick has little control over her magical abilities. It’s as if someone bound her powers. Luckily, the power-hungry warlock who killed her parents hasn’t found her yet. Her life is such a mess. When Gerri Wilder promises her all she’s been missing, who’s Dani to say no love and romance. And maybe some heat in the sheets?

Mack Smith and Victor James, lion shifters, aren’t looking for their mate, but after a chance run-in with Gerri Wilder, that all changes. Unfortunately, the two long-time bachelors have no idea what to do with a mate. But once they see her, they can’t keep their hands off her. She’s so much more than they expected. Sweet, sassy and with curves for days. She’s also exactly what they need. In every way possible.

When Dani is attacked by a magic-wielding stranger, the guys go into protection mode to keep their mate safe. But the problem is how can shifters fight magic? The guys don’t know, but they’d better figure it out quickly because Dani possesses the most sought-after talisman in the magic world, and she will be hunted by the strongest evil until she hands it over or dies trying to keep her mates alive.

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A new series begins… Meet the Savage Kings!
Chasing Her

Chasing Her is now available!

Savage Kings, Book 1

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Chasing Her is also available in print.

Zoe Creed is the best private investigator around. She’s so good even shifters hire her. But when Roman King walks into her office with a strange case, her instincts scream that she should turn down the job. Not because she can’t do it. Because the man in question is irresistible. Roman is trouble, and she’s fresh – and forever – off the market.

Lion shifter and professional philanthropist Roman King cares only cares about his family and making the world a better place. The last thing he needs is to find his mate. But when his beloved little sister is embroiled in a blackmail scheme, he ends up in Zoe Creed’s office. Zoe is not only his mate, she’s also bent on resisting him.

Now, Zoe is on Roman’s shortlist of things that matter. His sister’s case isn’t the only mission he’s on. He will win his fated mate’s heart along the way. Convincing her might be harder than tracking down the blackmailers.

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Now Live: Magical Midlife Mating!

MAGICAL MIDLIFE MATING is finally live! If you love second chance stories, don’t miss this one! “These characters are sweet and their romance is steamy and fun to read…” (a GoodReads review by Marianne).

Magical Midlife Mating

Magical Midlife Mating is now available!

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction!

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Magical Midlife Mating is also available in print.

Luna Maxfield had worked hard to reclaim her life after her divorce, focusing on the joys she still had: her kids, her bookshop, and her friendship with the likes of Barbara Wolfe. Okay, so there’s no romance in her future, but who needs that, right? Not like she wishes for true love…at least, not all the time.

Wolf shifter Derrick Montoya made a horrible mistake over thirty years ago: he let his fated mate slip through his fingers and end up with the wrong man. He’s been kicking himself ever since. Now, after all these years, he meets Luna again and finds her to be more alluring than ever and still his mate. He’s having a hard time keeping his hands to himself.

Derrick and Luna have a lot to figure out. Luna’s loved ones aren’t content to let her keep living her lonely existence. Her resolve is tested with older—and sexier—Derrick. But how can he convince her that the mistakes of the past won’t be repeated? And is it too late for these two to have the happily ever after they missed out on all those years ago?

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⚠️ Release date change! Now Live: Howl Pass! ⚠️

APOLOGIES! There was an issue with Amazon and I had to switch the release dates for HOWL PASS and MAGICAL MIDLIFE MATING.

HOWL PASS is now live, and MAGICAl MIDLIFE MATING will now be released on Sunday, April 17.

Howl Pass

Fur the Win is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 46

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Howl Pass is also available in print.

Terrorized as a child by her shifter parents and her wolf pack, Sassy Rodriguez has sworn off anything to do with shifters, living her life as a human. Hell, she was even married to a human until she found out he wasn’t as loving and faithful as he had promised after he had said I do. So there’s no way she’s going to find romance in the hottest shifter she’s ever seen when she opens her front door in a towel.

Wolf alphas Remy and Josh have been waiting for the female to complete their triad for years. When finally meeting her with the help of Gerri Wilder, they discover she refuses to acknowledge any part of her shifter self. That includes her mates. That doesn’t stop them from wanting to get her out of her clothes and into their bed.

The attraction is undeniable, but that’s not enough for Sassy to go back into shifter life. In order to have their happily ever after, the men must figure out how to romance their mate outside of the bedroom. A task not easily accomplished for two long-time bachelors. Especially with a woman whose ex-husband is a gun-toting narcissist who thinks if he can’t have her, nobody will.

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