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🐉🐉🐉 Awaken the Dragons #4: Her Dragon Mate is LIVE!! 🔥🔥🔥

A museum curator obsessed with an ancient dragon-worshiping culture meets a dragon shifter from that very time and place: too Read the rest »

Gerri is back: Enjoy Roar of the Worlds, a brand new PDA in the Haize world!

In this next set-up by famed intergalactic matchmaker Gerri Wilder, an Earthling stunt-woman will have to tame an ultra-sexy lion Read the rest »

Smoking Hot Vampire Werewolf Romance just in time for Halloween!

Vampires and werewolves are the ultimate romantic combination.
LOVE IS WAR is now available in ebook and print.
And it’s
Read the rest »

The City Wolves are back! Dusk Bitten is now live!

Navy and Karina might be fated mates, but their connection is severed by misunderstandings and a streak of bad luck. … Read the rest »

😈 The devil had other plans . . .

The release date for Chosen by the Devil has been moved up! It’s NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and print, and … Read the rest »


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