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Milly Taiden
✨ Return to Misfit Bay with The Apes of Wrath! ✨

“This was a very entertaining and enjoyable read. I love the characters in Misfit Bay and they always seem to find themselves in some kind of trouble but it’s great to see them have each others backs!” —Barb, a GoodReads reviewer

The Apes of Wrath

The Apes of Wrath is now available!

Misfit Bay, Book 4

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Archer Thresher is cursed to make his shifter gorilla uncontrollably explode in a fit of rage, forcing him to flee, and finds himself in Misfit Bay. There, he meets the most incredible woman, his mate, at the worst possible time of his life.

Unemployed and desperately in need of a reset, Camille Guidry visits her cousin, the owner of the historic Saint Laurent Hotel in Misfit Bay. Once she lays eyes on the hot new guy in town, she realizes how much fun she’s been depriving herself of.

Sparks fly when Archer and Camille hookup, lust at first sight. The only problem is that at any minute, his shifter side could erupt and kill his newfound mate. When he seeks help from the town’s infamous witch trio, one spell is broken but another is activated  which leads his enemies straight to Misfit Bay.

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Howl of Fame

“[I] absolutely love the PDA series with Gerri as a match maker. Mason is an alpha and meets his mate in a shop she owns but nothing goes [according] to plan because after Jane’s divorce she’s not interested in dating and especially isn’t interested in Mason. Mason goes to extreme lengths to get to know Jane but I love the twist in this.”
—Sarah, a GoodReads reviewer

Howl of Fame

Howl of Fame is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 65

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When alpha wolf shifter Mason Phillips seeks the help of Gerri Wilder, matchmaker extraordinaire, he thinks she’s sent him on a wild goose chase. He only has a business card to a local bakery, Jane’s Sweet & Treats. When he lays eyes on Jane…he knows exactly why Gerri sent him.

Jane Williams did the whole marriage thing, and it blew up in her face. She was done with men. Then a sexy-as-hell man walks into her shop, turning her world upside down. But she will not submit herself to another man who wants her to be his maid.

No fears, though. Mason has a few tricks up his sleeve to woo her, as does his wolf half. But, damn, if his mate isn’t stubborn about her independence. Unfortunately, her sense of freedom is what will get her killed if Mason doesn’t deal with his former pack, who are hell-bent on destroying not only him but all he has built.

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I’m not normally a fan of boss-employee relationship books, but this one has so much heart and heat, I couldn’t help but read it straight through in one sitting. Lot’s of intrigue and interesting characters as well as real life feelings and situations with lots of twists !! 5✨’s.” —Diana Page, a GoodReads reviewer

“This is one of my favorite series! I enjoyed the fact that even though Kristen and Henry were fated mates, the romance took its time to develop. The nail biting trauma of an ex mate targeting his new love made this book a fast paced ride. The characters were well developed and likable. Good read!❤️❤️” —Nancy R, a GoodReads reviewer

Nanny for the Tiger Daddy

Nanny for the Tiger Daddy is now available!

Shifter Needs a Nanny, Book 3

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Kirsten Belew yearns for a change. She wants adventure, excitement, romance. Everything her job as a preschool teacher doesn’t offer. When she comes across an ad for a nanny to a wealthy recluse in the Rocky Mountains, she wonders if this is the change she needs. The “recluse” was not supposed to be drop dead hunky.

Tiger shifter Henry Kaplan’s life can’t get much worse. His arranged marriage has fallen apart. His ex abandoned him and their baby. He can’t work and care for her and danger is around every corner. 

When he opens his front door to the hired help, he gets more than he ever dreamed. The stunning woman before him is the answer to many of his prayers. She’s not only his nanny, but his true mate. All he needs to do is get her to fall in love with him and keep his jealous ex-wife from killing her. All is a day’s work, right?

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The Monster Orcs of Protheka are back!

After Stick An Orc In It and His Orc Is Worse Than His Bite, Milly Taiden and Celeste King deliver a brand new action-adventure romance featuring the Monster Orcs of Protheka! Enjoy reading Slamming the Orc today!

Slamming the Orc

Slamming the Orc is now available!

Monster Orcs of Protheka, Book 3

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It’s survival of the fittest.
My sister and I are not the fittest. Hell.
Still, we’ve survived.
But dark elves and orcs control earth.
Only, now we’re surrounded.
We need a knight in shining armor to save us. 
Well, how about in a shining loincloth instead?

I am Jovak, Orc chieftain of the Shattered Rock tribe.
I’ve just interrupted some orcs trying to eat humans.
But when I see Paige, I know I need to save her.
She’s the one. My one. 
My problems are bigger than even I know.

My tribe is in trouble.
There are those trying to take my power.
Several of my people have gone missing.

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Forever Bite (Pack Wars #1) is now available!

What do you do when your land is about to be taken? You fight. But what happens when the one you’re fighting is your mate? You get a whole lot more than you expected.

Forever Bite

Forever Bite is now available!

Pack Wars, Book 1

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This book is included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Reika Lovell turned away from her wolf shifter heritage wanting to live the peaceful life of a human in the city. She hasn’t shifted in so long, her senses are dulled to the point of being a true human. So when she sleeps with the gorgeous enemy, she doesn’t have a clue until more of them beat down her door.

Owen Raff is the alpha heir, but he’d rather be out with friends having a good time instead of solving other wolves’ problems. When he meets his mate, his heart doesn’t care about old battle lines. But he should have because now she has a target on her back because of him.

Now it’s the world against Reika and Owen. They go on the run to protect their love, but who needs enemies when your own pack is hunting you down because your soul belongs to the “wrong” person?

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