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Milly Taiden

đź’€ The Demon Comes

It’s time to go back to Protheka!

Worlds of Protheka is the home for immersive dark fantasy romance. Filled with dark, brooding, alpha male heroes and strong, confident women, our stories will pull you into a world of sensual magic and mystery.

Our Reality Is Your Nightmare…

In the realm of Protheka, you can encounter anything, though hope and kindness are often in short supply. As races collide, we see something even more rare emerge–love. These are the stories of people who fought for the most precious thing in our universe–and won.

The Demon Comes

THE DEMON COMES is now available!

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I’ve been a slave to the dark elves for as long as I can remember…
Until I became his.

Mazituz rescued me from a fate that no one deserves.
But now…
He wants to keep me here.

I fear I’ve traded one captor for another.
And while this one’s much better…
I still long for the sunlight, for the world I’ve always known.
This is no place for a human.

Yet, as much as I yearn for my freedom…
There’s no denying my growing attachment to Mazituz.
When he touches me, all thoughts of escape fade away.

One thing is clear…
I can’t stay suspended between worlds forever.
I must make a choice.
And I fear I will choose him.

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