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Milly Taiden

Unseen Destiny is now available!

Enjoy the final installment in the Alpha Ascension Chronicles — a series filled with suspense, action and sizzling romance!

Unseen Destiny

UNSEEN DESTINY is now available!

Alpha Ascension Chronicles, Book 4

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Being a lone wolf, Ash has no trouble infiltrating an abused pack to take down their cruel alpha. The problem rises when she discovers that this pack’s alpha is her true mate. But are the abuse rumors true? So far, all she knows is Mason isn’t what she expected. He’s handsome, strong, fair and he’s working his way into her heart. Something isn’t adding up.

Mason Blackmoss has had enough of the rumors about him being a bad alpha. He’s done his best to take this pack from the edge of going feral to a caring and civil community. When Ash comes into his life, he needs her on his side to help figure out the mystery. He also really wants to keep her close to him for other lustful reasons.

Mason isn’t sure who wants to end his rule, but he really needs Ash’s help. He can only hope their mate bond can withstand anything that’s thrown their way. He’s either going to get her trust, or watch the only woman he loves stand against him with the very people he swore to protect.

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