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History of Santa Claus (St. Nicholas). 31 Days of Christmas

31dayslogoWowza, Christmas is almost here. Tomorrow my son, and lots of other small children around the world, will eagerly wait for Santa Claus to come and deliver presents.  But, do you know the origin of Santa Claus?  Per, legend has it that it started with a person in Holland, St. Nicholas aka Sinter Klaas, who reportedly gave all his wealth away and traveled around the country to help the sick and poor. As time passed, St. Nicholas became one of the most popular saints in Holland and he became known as the protector saint of children and sailors. Read the rest »

Guest author: Jessica Coulter Smith

Jessica lives in a world where warlocks, shapeshifters and fairies exist, and everyone deserves a happy ending—from tragic vampires finally finding love after centuries of being alone, to super hunky womanizing werewolves finding their destined mate—it’s all in a day’s work. Unable to find a werewolf of her very own, she decided to marry someone who thinks he’s one—minus the howling at the full moon, fleas, and a rousing game of chase-the-mailman. Okay, so he sometimes howls at the full moon. When she isn’t writing, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, reading (mostly romance), or going to the beach. She’s especially fond of bookstores and Starbucks! Author Links Facebook    Twitter    WebsitePlease welcome Jessica Coulter Smith to the blog today.  She’s given us a fun little excerpt from Red’s Big Bad Wolf, which released earlier this month and is the first in her White Paw Pack series.


Red blew her hair out of her face and surreptitiously glanced around the room. No, it hadn’t been her imagination. There were no less than three wolves lounging around the library. She’d noticed them when she’d exited her apartment that morning, had noticed them following her, and now they were here. And wouldn’t leave. She had a mind to go up and … Read the rest »

Family traditions (31 Days of Christmas)

31dayslogoThe holidays are about so many things–the major themes being giving back, spending time with family and usually a religious celebration (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc).  My family is really big on just being together–spending quality time with one another.  This is also one of my favorite things about the holidays as I love just being with my family.  My husband and I take our son down to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, walk around and see the sights, etc. Rock_Tree

I also love hearing about what traditions others have this time of year.  What are some traditions in your family?  Read the rest »

Do you hear what I hear? (31 Days of Christmas)

31dayslogoChristmas is right around the corner! Are you ready? I’m getting there…and looking forward to our trip to Disney!  I had an odd thought–do people still go Christmas caroling?  This isn’t something I used to do in the traditional sense–going door to door with a group signing to my neighbors. However, my sister and I were in our church choir and we always did a Christmas pageant (birth of Christ and lots of singing) every year.  So, I’m kind of curious, does anyone go caroling–either door to door, or around town to businesses, nursing homes, etc?

Let me know if Read the rest »

Guest author: Rosanna Leo

Predator's_Fire_coverHello my lovelies! Please welcome Rosanna Leo to the blog.  Rosanna’s latest release is Predator’s Fire. Check out the awesome excerpt.  Thanks Rosanna for stopping by!

In her world, he shouldn’t exist. In his world, she’s about to become an endangered species.


“How much longer do I have to wait? I want to see Killian Moon. Now.”

The feminine voice, strangely soft despite its insistence, echoed deep in his being, awakening his jaguar. The great cat roared to life, turned toward the office and inhaled deeply. Its eyes flashed in interest.


Killian breathed in at the same time, Read the rest »


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