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Milly Taiden
Alien Captain's Nanny
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
December 3, 2023
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Kael will never open his heart again after losing his Drakonian mate. He also doesn’t know how to deal with his grief or his nine-year-old daughter, who has retreated deep within herself. If he doesn’t find help soon, he will lose the only person left in his life. Kael didn’t think he could love again, but meeting the kind, caring and beautiful nanny gives life to emotions he thought dead.

Years after losing her mother, Sarah Meericino still hasn’t emotionally healed and leaves Earth to find a new start. When learning her new ward is a little girl who has lost her mother too, Sarah becomes determined to not let this child suffer the way she has her entire life. But the child’s hunky father is a big, muscular obstacle she didn’t expect to want for herself.

It’s immediately apparent that fate has brought these three broken souls together to comfort each other in a way only someone going through the same pain can comprehend. But the universe has different plans for them. Plans that will destroy the love the trio is building if Kael doesn’t find the traitor who has put this burgeoning family in his cross hairs.

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