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Milly Taiden
Alpha Geek: Zane
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
March 24, 2022
ISBN-13: 9798430982874
ISBN-10: 8430982876

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Alpha Geeks, Book 11

Former Navy SEAL Delilah Jones loves her job in the shifter protection agency. She’s a tiger shifter, and a professional who always maintains a cool distance from the people she protects. That is, until she meets Zane and realizes the geeky human is her fated mate. His adorableness is making her tigress desperate to keep him as her own. Man, this job is harder than she thought.

Zane is an ultra-geek with a heart of gold who’s learned that his business partner is a money launderer. He turns to the shifter protection agency for help, knowing he can’t face the bear shifter alone. He didn’t expect it would change everything. Like the fact he’d meet the most beautiful woman in his life and want to date her. If he can stay alive long enough to ask her out.

Delilah’s job is to make sure Zane survives long enough to testify, which means saving him with a mystery serum when he needs it most. The effects are instantaneous, but also unexpected. Only one problem, the thing that’s supposed to save Zane could be what ends Delilah’s life.

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