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Milly Taiden
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
August 7, 2022
ISBN-13: 9798844462474
ISBN-10: 8844462478

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A supermax prison.
Dangerous shifters.
A deadly mission that will give each of them a chance to be free or die trying.

I was imprisoned for killing those who killed my family.
Who said life was fair? I sure as hell didn’t.

But this prison has almost stripped me of my sanity.

Now Eva, beautiful, sweet Eva has entered my life.
She’s the light in my darkness.
And the rock in my storm.
She’s my entire reason for living.

Even though her world is the opposite of mine,
We were born to be together.
I won’t let these monsters keep us apart.

My bear breathes for her, lives for her.
And will die for her.
I will protect her and love her…
Even if it means I go back to prison.

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