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Milly Taiden
Bearing His Mark
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
September 29, 2022
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Misfit Bay, Book 3

Gina Malone has had the same dream for the past two weeks. Imagine her surprise when she discovers the place of her dreams is real. Gina’s also shocked at a handsome man in the strange little town makes her feel so special. She doesn’t want to like him, but he’s making her temperature skyrocket.

Striking out on his own, Nick Carver is searching for a new life. Finding himself in Misfit Bay, he can’t believe that the perfect job falls into his lap. And when Nick’s eyes land on beautiful, sassy and delectable Gina, he’s done for. He’s found his mate. Now, all he wants is to get Gina to finally agree to be his.

Gina and Nick have more than their own struggles to fight. Surrounded by magic, they’re torn between choosing happiness together or loneliness apart. They battle evil, destiny and themselves to survive in this strange little town.

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