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Milly Taiden
Goldie and the Bears
Latin Goddess Press
February 26, 2019
ISBN-13: 9798643793144
ISBN-10: 8643793140

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Ash Goldenlochs hasn’t touched another person in years. Her gift—or curse, as she thinks of it—forces her to experience the past of anything against her hands. When she meets two of the most gorgeous men she’s ever seen, she wants to rip her gloves off and let her fingers do the walking.

Bear shifters, Spencer Hartz and Chaz Coco, are partners in a trio who couldn’t be more opposite. When their coworker is murdered, they will take help in any form, including a cute blonde who happens to be their mate.

Using her ability, she sees the murderer but doesn’t know who it is. When the killer recognizes her, her tragic past may repeat itself and it’s all the guys can do to keep her alive.

Reader’s Note: You’ve never read this version of Goldielocks before!

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