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Milly Taiden
Magically Fated
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
December 20, 2021
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Unruly Gods, Box Set (Books 1-3)

Get 3 full stories and a post Happily Ever After in this Unruly Gods collection.

After the Happily Ever After

In this short story, we get to revisit the couples in the Unruly Gods series.

You get a slice of life from each of the couples and see them post mating.

This After the Happily Ever After is going to pull it all together for you and help bring a smile to your face as you enjoy seeing the couples and the glimpse into their lives.

Favored by Death

Moros, the God of Doom and Fate, tagged along with his friends out of boredom, and stupidly revealed that it doesn’t matter to him if Chronos unleashes chaos on Earth. Maybe lost his mind after witnessing Sophia’s beauty, after all, she’s making him question going back to Olympus at all. He’d rather stay on earth with her, but he’s pretty sure she’s going to argue that. A lot.

Chosen by the Devil

Hades is desperate to resist his new and unsettling feelings toward the quietest Fate, especially when they’re thrown together on a journey to uncover new information. The bookish Fate is a glowing light in his otherwise dark existence, and he sees that there is more to the raven-haired beauty than she knows. He’s determined to help her harness the full potential of her powers… though he’s losing his heart to her in the process.

Marked By War

Ares, God of War, visits Earth without permission and is caught by Alyssa, a Fate who can kick him to the curb. The God of War vanquished? Never. Seriously, not gonna happen. What he does want to happen is to get a taste of the sassy Fate. But he finds that in addition to his magic being rivaled, this Fate threatens to conquer his restless heart.

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