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Milly Taiden
Savage Caress
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
January 24, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781656301246
ISBN-10: 1656301245

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Zelda Primrose’s world comes crashing down when a family crisis calls her back to her hometown. A town she hates. Everything she’s ever wanted is under threat, but Zelda’s used to heartache and disappointment. This time, she isn’t backing down. She’s been through too much to quit. Determined, she sets her sights on her goal. A goal that definitely does not include falling for the tall, handsome man who keeps popping up at just the right time.

Stone Barlow’s not a complicated man. If he can buy up land and turn a profit, then it’s a good day. If he can invest in a lucrative business, even better. He doesn’t have time for love or finding his mate. Especially not when he sees how it’s turned his buddy into a domesticated dragon. But when Stone is invited to Beast’s place for a family barbecue, he’s immediately taken by the curvy red-headed bombshell. She’s aloof and quiet, but Stone can see a fire inside of her. The flame calls to him.

Unfortunately, Silver Springs is a dangerous place to be when you owe money to the wrong people. Zelda’s on the hook for her father’s debts, and life just keeps throwing her curveballs. Stone’s willing to do anything to protect her, but Zelda’s too used to fixing her own problems. If she gives Stone a chance she just might get everything she’s ever wanted.

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