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Milly Taiden
Savage King
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
June 26, 2020
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Through magic gone totally wrong, Wren and her cousins wind up on Gecire, sister dimension to the Crystal Kingdom.

Wren McClure, journalist by day, romance writer by night, has a hard time facing the world’s ever-increasing responsibilities. Her life is already pretty messy. She doesn’t have time to think of falling in love, but she has no say in matters of her heart. Not when a big, sexy shifter decides she’s his.

Xenos Woodsky, alpha of the Gnoleon fae, has endured over three hundred years of self-induced solitude for a mistake that killed many in his tribe. When his mate portals into his reclusive life, he’s forced into taking action. It’s time to return to his people. It’s time to claim the woman he wants.

Old enemies come back and the tribe is forced to move. They need everyone’s help, especially Xenos. Xenos has to decide if he’s going to face up for past actions with his people and save the day, or lose his mate and his tribe.

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