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Milly Taiden
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
April 23, 2021
ISBN-13: 9798741497579
ISBN-10: 8741497570

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Royal Claws, Book 1


Natalie Barsotti is on a mission. She wants to prove the existence of shifters in a small community. Getting a job as a nurse in Winterland, Alaska, is only the first part of her plan. If only a certain mayor wasn’t so irresistible and so damn grumpy, it would make her operation so much easier.

Tucker Kearney is a simple wolf shifter. All he wants is to watch over his community of Winterland and stop the disappearances happening all around Alaska. The last thing he wants is a mate. He has reasons for keeping Natalie at arm’s length. Even if she is his mate. Even if he desperately wants her.

No matter how hard they try, Natalie and Tucker can’t seem to stay away from each other. But there are more dangerous things than the past lurking in the wildlands. It might destroy them before they even begin…

Reader’s Note: This is an ice-melting new series that is sure to heat up your nights. Enjoy!

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