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Milly Taiden
Their Wild Sea
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
May 29, 2020
ISBN-13: 9798647530646
ISBN-10: 8647530640

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***Another sexy reverse harem for you to keep warm***

Shaylin Daniels feels an intense pull toward Daeria. The more she learns about the planet and the alien shifter races who lives there, the more she knows she needs to go. It was like a calling—a knowing that she needs to do this. To help a dying planet rebuild. So she signs up for their surrogate program. When she arrives, a power awakens inside her and suddenly a lot of things makes sense to her. Mainly why she loves the ocean and swore it spoke to her.

Expecting to be paired with two wolf shifters, she is shocked when four potential mates shower her with attention. Drex, her protective dragon, grounds her. Her wolves, Quil and Nash, give her a playful escape from reality. Storm, the leopard shifter from Silvermoon, offers her warmth and friendship. Each of them knew the instant they saw her that she belonged to them. Sharing her isn’t a problem. Keeping her alive is.

Insane and determined to rule the planet, Xaxhin is building an army with the goal to take out the descendants before they come into their full powers. He’s failed three times already. When Xaxhin uncovers relics that could make him powerful enough to destroy all life as they know it, Shaylin with her mates and their friends work together to stop the evil sorcerer no matter the cost.

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