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Terrific Quote Tuesday



Welcome to Terrific Quote Tuesday!

I am sharing picks from my Sexy Biters for you to read. These are from my books so feel free to check each of them out! Enjoy

Thanks to my Sexy Biters for their suggested quotes: Jennifer and Sheri


She gave him a flirtatious look. “Are you the man who has bought me for the night?”

His eyes flared with lust, and her pussy clenched in need. He removed his clothing until he stood deliciously naked before her. His gaze raked her body and then locked on to hers.

“I’m the man you gave yourself to, forever.”

~Party Crasher~ 

 He rained small kisses on the corner of her lips. “You’re the only woman to own my heart.”

She peered up at him with a frown. “Then what the hell are you waiting for? Ask me to marry you already! I’ve only been waiting for eleven years, you know. Teenage years count. Those are very important to women.”

~Party Crasher~

 Chest heaving and almost falling out of her purple top, she bent forward some more, giving him a clear bird’s-eye view of her creamy breasts. Caught on something, she tumbled backward. Her body turned until her mouthwatering ass kissed the glass, leaving an imprint of two perfect globes. Face red with frustration, she tried to stand without falling over.

~Mr. Buff~

Marcus pulled out of her slowly, his hands caressing her breasts, and his tongue licking at her bite wound. He kissed her shoulder. “Sorry, I can’t control myself with you.”

“It seems I can’t either.” God damn, she was so confused. Marcus wanted her. A lot, judging from the thickness she felt between her legs, but since when?

~Mate Event ~ Halloween Heat III~

 “I’m going to fuck you for all the times I’ve wanted to but didn’t. Fuck you until I am the only man your body recognizes.”
She moaned as his words turned into images of their twined bodies in her head.
He licked the shell of her ear, twirling his wicked tongue in circles. “Do you want me to? Want me to fuck you until you can’t see straight?”

~Party Crasher~

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