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Dangerous Protector Release Winners

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Want to know who won at the pre-party and the release party games? Winners listed below in order of game played and prize to be awarded!

***Party is May 16 – May 18 PRE-PARTY begins April 30th***



Having problems with the form? Email pa.millytaiden@gmail.com with Dangerous Protector Party Winner in the subject line.

YOU HAVE 48 HRs AFTER THE PARTY IS OVER TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE or your prize is FORFEITED and a new winner will be selected.

***PRE-PARTY, FLASH GIVEAWAYS and GRAND PRIZES do not count toward your 3 game wins***


Game # Host Prize Winner Name
 Cover Contest  Milly  $50 Amazon GC  Jessica Parsons
 Pre-Party #1  Iris  Smut Pack  Jen Martin
 Pre-Party #2  Iris  Swagmasters Bookthong  Cody Smith-Candelaria
 Pre-Party #3  Iris  Nerd Accessories keychain  Angela Walker Cruz
 Pre-Party #4 Iris   Stone Soup Designs bookmark   Susan Plake
 Pre-Party #5 Iris   Stone Soup Keyclip Kimberly Talbot 
 Pre-Party #6  Iris  Water Cup   Brooke Bumgardner
 Pre-Party #7 Iris   Stone Soup Pendant   Natasha Perez Camara
 Pre-Party #8  Iris   Nerd Accessories keychain Stephanie Roberts 
 Pre-Party #9 Iris   Stone Soup Key pendant Angela Brungardt Caldwell
 Pre-Party #10 Iris  Smut Pack   Stacey A. Smith
 Pre-Party #11 Iris  Water Cup   Karey Smith
 Pre-Party #12 Iris  Nerd Accesories keychain  Julie Dotson Hawk
 Pre-Party #13 Iris  Stone Soup Keyclip  Teracia Loretan 
 Pre-party #14  Iris  SwagMaster Bookthong  Tena Barnes
 Pre-Party #15 Iris   Stone Soup pendant  Chris Lewis
 Pre-Party #16 Iris  Nerd Accessories keychain Brenda Hook 
 Pre-Party #17 Iris  Water Cup   Angela Walker Cruz
Pre-Party #18   Iris SwagMaster Bookthong   Destiny Wright
 Pre-Party #19  Iris  Smut Pack  Barb A. Metheney-Kiser
 Pre-Party #20 Iris  Travel Mug   Kelly Erickson
 Pre-Party #21 Iris  Nerd Accessories keychain   Brittany Mcdowell
 Pre-Party #22 Iris  Stone Soup key pendant   Malinda Dianna
 Pre-Party #23 Milly  Mother’s Day Giveaway   Danielle Peterson
Pre-Party #24  Iris  Stone Soup Bookmark   Helly Kasprzak
 Pre-Party #25 Iris  Swagmasters book thong   Tiffany Saylor
 Pre-Party #26 Iris  Smut Pack   Alisha May
 Pre-Party #27 Iris   Nerd Accessories keychain  Tanya Guthrie
 Pre-Party #28 Iris   Nerd Accessories Wolf Bracelet  Heather Andrews
 Pre-Party #29 Iris  Stone Soup keyclip   Ann Ivey
 Pre-Party #30  Iris Stone Soup Bookmark   Angela Gilliland
 Pre-Party #31 Iris   Stone Soup keyclip  Dana Marie
 Pre-Party #32 Iris   Water Cup  Kimberly Diane Gill
 Pre-Party #33 Iris   Stone Soup keyclip  Kelly L. Clevinger
Door Prize  Iris Cord Bracelet   Destiny Wright
 Game #1 Iris  Smut Pack  Teracia Loretan 
 Game #2 Iris  Stone Soup ID Badge   Kelly Erickson
 Game #3  Iris   Nerd Accessories Wolf Bracelet  Rhys Christopher Ethan
 Game #4  Jenn  Their Second Chance ebook  Sony Killian
 Game #5  Jenn  Stone Soup Pendant  Dzintra Sullivan
 Game #6 Jenn  DP Tote   Bambi Fogleman
 Game #7  Iris Nerd Accessories keychain   Cara Nicole
 Game #8 Iris  Pole Tricks ebook by N Kuhn   Dana Marie
 Game #9 Iris  Stone Soup Keyclip   Margaret Wessel
 Game #10  Barb  Walk on the Striped Side ebook by Jessie Lane  Cody Smith-Candelaria
 Game #11  Barb  Smut Pack  Julie Dotson Hawk
 Game #12  Barb  Water Cup  Teracia Loretan
 Game #13 Iris  A Mate’s Bite ebook  Sarah Beaver 
Game #14  Iris  Stone Soup Bookmark  Neena Christianson-Martin 
 Game #15 Iris DP Messenger Bag   Jill Prandstratter
 Game #16 Barb   April Angel Collection ebooks  Malinda Dianna
 Game #17 Barb   Stone Soup Bead necklace  Tiffany Saylor
 Game #18 Barb   Smut Pack  Samantha Walker
 Game #19 Iris  Stone Soup Keyclip   Sonia Furbus
 Game #20 Iris   Nerd Accessories Keychain  Denise Allen Smith
 Game #21 Iris   Wolf Cord Bracelet  Patti McKenna Spell
 Game #22 Jenn  DP Wine Charms  Patti McKenna Spell 
 Game #23 Jenn  Stone Soup Pendant   Angela Gilliland
 Game #24  Jenn  Not Just Friends ebook by Lacey Wolfe  Kimberly Talbot
 Game #25 Iris  Stone Soup Key Pendant   Roxie Ferguson
 Game #26  Iris  Quick Secret Set  Bambi Fogleman
 Game #27  Iris  Nerd Accessorie Purse Charm  Shannon Hunt
 Game #28  Sheri  Friends with Benefits ebook by Anne Lange  Donna Reynolds
 Game #29  Sheri  Stone Soup Pendant  Shannon Hunt
 Game #30 Sheri    Nerd Accessories keychain  Bsue Hook
 Game #31 Sheri   DP Tote  Shandi Leonard
 Game #32  Sheri  Stone Soup Id Badge Holder  Julie Dotson Hawk
 Game #33 Sheri   Swagmasters Bookthong  Ann Ivey
 Game #34 Jenn  Boss’ Secret  Tiffany Denise
 Game #35  Jenn  Smut Pack  Angela Gilliland
 Game #36 Jenn  Bare Back ebook by N Kuhn  Paul Wedmore
 Game #37 Jenn   Stone Soup bookmark  Jessica Parsons
 Game #38 Jenn   Wolf Bracelet  Iris Pross
Game #39  Jenn   DP Messenger bag  Iris Pross
Flash Giveaway #1  Iris  Smut Pack  Kimberly Diane Gill
Flash Giveaway #2  Iris   Stone Soup keyclip  Margaret Regina Carrisoza
Game #40  Jenn  Water Cup   Jen Crowhurst
Game #41  Jenn  Smut Pack   Mary McCoy
Game #42  Jenn   Stone Soup Key Pendant  Sheri Spell
 Game #43 Iris  Dragon’s Honor & Chase set   Jodie Bivins
 Game #44 Iris  DP Tote   Lisa Errion
 Game #45  Iris Stone Soup keyclip   Amber Turner
 Game #46 Sheri   Swagmaster bookthong  Sony Killian
 Game #47  Sheri  A Mate’s Bite ebook  Nucking Futs Tammy
 Game #48 Sheri   Boss’s Secret  Nucking Futs Tammy
 Milly’s Chat Prize    Kinky Secret  Tiffany Krepps
 Bonus Chat Prize    DP Messenger Bag  Samantha Walker
 Flash Giveaway #3  Iris  Wolf bracelet  Kimberly Diane Gill
 Game #49  Iris Stone Soup Bookmark  Nucking Futs Tammy
 Game #50  Iris  Charm Bracelet  Sonia Furbus
 Game #51 Sheri   Stone Soup Keyclip Bambi Fogleman 
 Oops My Bad #49 again  Iris Travel Mug Amber Turner 
 Surprise Flash Giveaways    Nerd Accessories Swag item  Angela Gilliland

Bambi Fogleman

Lisa Errion

Sonia Furbus

 Consolation Winners #1    Cheetah Vibe  

Roxie Ferguson


Christine Villano
Jen Crowhurst


Crystal Rister


Barb Hicks


Sony Killian

Kim Thorne

 Consolation Winners #2   Surprise Stone Soup or Nerd Accessories item  Tanya Guthrie

Donna Reynalds

Karey Smith

Wanda Flanagan

Andrea Mollett

Consolation Winners #3   Backlist ebook from  Milly Taiden, April Angel, N. Kuhn, Edie Hart or Alivia Anders Tena Barnes

Jessica Parsons

Keisha Talley

Christy Hilton Hall

Eskimo Princess Alisa

 Grand Prize – Gold Medal Winner    Messenger Bag
Coffee Travel Mug
Water Cup
Smut Pack
Kinky Secret
Swagmaster Bookthong
Stone Soup Keychain
Stone Soup Key pendants
Stone Soup Bead necklace
Stone Soup Stoned Jar
Stone Soup ID Badge
Nerd Accessories – Bookmark set
Nerd Accessories – Wolf Bracelet
 Jodie Bivins 
 Silver Medal Winner   Coffee Travel Mug
Tote Bag
Smut Pack
Boss’s Secret
Swagmaster Bookthong
Stone Soup Bookmark
Stone Soup Pendant
Nerd Accessories – Keychains
Nerd Accessories – Purse Charm
 Angela Walker Cruz
 Bronze Medal Winner    Smut Pack
Swagmaster Bookthong
Stone Soup Keychain
Stone Soup Key pendant
Nerd Accessories – Bookmark set
Nerd Accessories – Keychain
Nerd Accessories –
Wine Charms
 Tiffany Krepps

One comment to “Dangerous Protector Release Winners”

  1. Barbi Davis
      · May 19th, 2014 at 12:22 am · Link

    Congratulations to all the Winners…..Ann Ivey you won several….And Rosie Ferguson too….Way to go Ladies…knuckles!!!!


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