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Unexpectedly Mated Party Winners



Want to know who won at the pre-party and the release party games? Winners listed below in order of game played and prize to be awarded!

***Party is August 8-10 PRE-PARTY begins June August 1st***



Having problems with the form? Email pa.millytaiden@gmail.com with Unexpectedly Mated Party Winner in the subject line.

YOU HAVE 48 HRs AFTER THE PARTY IS OVER TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE or your prize is FORFEITED and a new winner will be selected.




Game               Host                  Prize               Winner Name  
Cover Contest Milly $25 GC EskimoPrincess Alisa
 Pre-Party #1  Iris  Blue Tote  Niki Driscoll
 Pre-Party #2 Iris  DP Stone Soup Keyclip  Natasha Perez Camara
 Pre-Party #3 (caption) Iris  UM Mousepad  Jodie Bivens
 Pre-Party #4 Iris Wine Stopper Jacquelyn Brinksneader
 Pre-Party #5 Iris Mixed Smut Pack  Sony Killian
 Pre-Party #6 Iris Blue & Black Tote Amy Hart
 Pre-Party #7 Iris UM Mousepad  Susan Garwood Cross
 Flash Giveaway #1 Iris DP Stone Soup Keyclip Jen Crowhurst
 Flash Giveaway #2  Iris  Mixed Smut Pack  Angela Franklin
Pre-Party #8  Iris  Blue Tote  LaVida Brisco
Flash Giveaway #3 Iris  UM Mousepad  Andrew Kuligowski
 Game #1  Iris  UM Wine Stopper  Autumn Bronson
 Game #2 Iris  DP Stone Soup keyclip  Mary McCoy
Game #3 Iris  DP Stone Soup bookmark  Cindy Mayberry
Game #4 Iris  UM bookmark by Rhonda  Malinda Kuhn-Spriggs
Game #5 Iris  ebook by N. Kuhn  Deanne Boyce Jacobson
Game #6 Iris  Leopard print Vibe  Carol Brown Dilts
Game #7 Iris  Rockin’ the Heart ebook  Tanya Guthrie
 Game #8 Iris Smut Pack  Deanne Boyce Jacobson
 Flash Giveaway #4  Iris  Dangerous Protector ebook  Mandy Pederick
 Game #9  Iris  Blue & Balck tote  Benita Wilson
 Game #10 Iris  DP Book thong  Michele Manes
 Game #11 Iris  Pack Princess ebook  Kristy Jewel
 Game #12 Iris  DP Stone Soup bookmark  Maria Allen
Game #13 Iris  Paracord bracelet  Tiffany Saylor
Game #14 Iris  Asst. Smut Pack  Esther Manes
Game #15  Iris  ecopy SoAM & AMB  Teela Lanchester
 Game #16  Iris  Reader’s choice ebook – Dahlia Rose Michele Manes
 Game #17 Iris  Reader’s choice ebook – Alivia Anders Jodie Bivins
Game #18 Iris UM Nerd Acces. keychain Natasha Perez Camara
  Game #19  Iris Asst. Smut Pack  Barbara Burdette
 Game #20 Iris  Black & Blue tote  Barbara Burdette
 Flash Giveaway #5  Iris  AMB iphone case  Drothy Roark Calhoun
 Game #21 Iris  DP Stone Soup key pendant  Teena Barnes
Game #22 Iris  DP Stone Soup keychain  Stephanie Roberts
Game #23 Iris  Asst. Smut Pack  Kimberly Talbot
Game #24  Iris  UM Stone Soup bookmark  Bambi Fogelman
Game #25  Iris  Ecopy – Sinfully Naughty Mina Carter  Michelle Willms
 Game #26 Iris  AMB Stone Soup pendant  Heather Andrews
 Game #27 Iris  TSC Stone Soup keypendant  Jessica Parsons
Flash Giveaway #6 Iris Signed copy of Sinfully Naughty Carol Cobun
 Game #28 Iris  Pack Princess (ebook)  Cindy Mayberry
 Game #29 Iris UM Wine stopper  LaVida Brisco
 Game #30 Iris Blue tote  Jen Crowhurst
 Flash Giveaway #7  Iris  Travel Mug  Meredith Province
Giveaway #31 Iris Reader’s choice ebook – Tara Lain Carol Cobun
Giveaway #32 Iris Black & Blue tote Jodie Bivins
Giveaway #33 Iris Asst. Smut pack Jen Crowhurst
Giveaway #34 Iris Scent of a Mate keypendant  Nathalie Ravens
Giveaway #35 Iris Paracord bracelet  Kristin Marie
 Meme Challenege Iris Messenger bag  Dee Knope
 Game #36  Iris  UM shepard’s hook bookmark  Destiny Wright
 Game #37 Iris  DP keyclip  Bambi Fogleman
 Game #38 Iris  Bunny and the Bear & Tee  Karey Smith
 Game #39 Iris ebook Pack Princess  Fang Tastic
Game #40 Iris Stone Soup bookmark Teracia Loretan
Game #41 Iris UM Nerd Acces. keycain Mandy Pederick
Game #42 Iris UM Book thong Agnese Maria Kohn
Game #43 Iris UM Wine stopper Teracia Loretan
Flash Giveaway #8 Iris iphone case  Nikki Gibbs
Game #44 Iris Blue tote  Lynn Stratton-Shoen
Flash Giveaway #9 Iris  Leopard bullet Vibe  Dee Knope
 Game #45 Iris  Asst. Smut Pack  Michelle Manes
 Door Prize #1  Iris  Lori n Tim Green
 Consolation Prize  Iris Tanya SmithChristy BravoDanielle Peterson

Carmen Pescod

Stephanie Hamilton

Fang Tastic

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