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Milly Taiden

Alpha Geek: Gray
Alpha Geek: Gray

Alpha Geek: Gray

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Skylar Milan has had it with the fashion industry and their beauty standards. She misses her family and she really misses carbs. The things she’d do for a piece of bread would get her arrested. The last thing expected during her flight home was to have her hunger for a delicious cheese sandwich be replaced with a different type of hunger. One that has her banging the cute doctor in the airplane bathroom. But whatever. She had a good time and it’s not like she’s ever going to see him again, right? Oh how wrong she was.

Dr. Gray Hart is in town for a very serious meeting with world leaders. The technology he’s discovered could change the world as we know it. Knowing he is being followed, he goes to Nick Milan, looking to hire a bodyguard. When the beautiful Skylar is assigned to him, Gray can’t believe his luck. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her since their passionate encounter and induction in the mile-high club. Now he wants to have her bare and laid out on a bed where he can really lose himself in her. Except, he can’t. She’s a shifter and he’s a weak human.

Things go horribly wrong during his meeting and an attack leaves Gray at death’s door. It’s only with a scientific wonder of serum that he escapes death. And becomes something out of his deepest fantasies. He’s a shifter and he’s stronger than he ever imagined. Now he can really tear Skylar’s clothes off without missing a beat. He still has to prove to Skylar that he is the right man for her. But first, he has to save the world…

Reader’s Note: Get ready for action, romance, humor, and so much heat your e-reader is gonna fog up. Enjoy.

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