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Milly Taiden

Alpha Geek: Brent

Alpha Geek: Brent

Alpha Geek: Brent

Alpha Geeks, Book 4

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Wolf shifter Marie Lavine left her life in the military behind and is settling into her new role as bodyguard nicely. Though her past left her with PTSD, she’s excited to move forward and see what awaits at her new job. What she didn’t expect was to sniff out the scent of her mate. A cute nerdy human that made her wolf instantly hot.

Chemical Engineer and geeky human, Brent Williams has been on the run from his former employer. He’s wanted, preferably dead. While hiding out with a friend, he attends a party and meets the most beautiful woman in his life. He knows she’s out of his league since he’s geeky, wimpy, small, and more importantly…human.

But after a blind date gone wrong, Brent ends up nearly dying. Using a magic serum Zeke created, Marie saves his life. He’s now a massive alpha full of strength, muscles and the urge to destroy a bed or two claiming Marie. His mate. It’s all sex and romance until death comes calling. It’s time to fight for his life and for the only woman he wants.

Reader’s Note: Hang on to your panties, my geek lovers. This one’s dirty, fun and action-packed. As with all my books, adults only, please. Enjoy, my freak-loving readers.

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