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Milly Taiden

Two reasons to celebrate! It’s my birthday and DRAGON RIGHTS is now available!

Hey! It’s my birthday. Want to help me celebrate? Go share my new book baby, Dragon Rights. Let’s get the word out on my sexy new book.

Dragon Rights

Dragon Rights

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 25

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Clarke Indiana, antisocial artist, needs an adventure. She wants to live. She wants to love. And Gerri Wilder can make it happen. But like all Gerri matches, Clarke isn’t even a little ready for two sexy shifters that want her for a mate. They might be ice dragons, but they’re hot enough to melt away her resistance.

Sleet and Hale are ice dragon alpha and beta on planet Aurora. They’ve begged Gerri to help them find their mate to complete their triad. Without this special woman, they will never be the rulers their clan needs them to be. Once they meet her, they know Clarke is the mate for them. She’s funny, sassy and those lips are driving them crazy.

When Clarke learns the clan’s secret, she invests more than just her time with them. After innocent lives are put into danger, Clarke goes all superwoman on them to get the precious ones back, no matter the cost. And it will take everything both dragons have to keep her alive long enough to succeed.

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