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Milly Taiden

The Guardian King is live!
Guardian King

Guardian King

The Crystal Kingdom: New Worlds
(The Crystal Kingdom, Book 7)

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To Daphne, marriage is loud arguing and slamming doors. Her divorced parents only showed her how to have an unhealthy relationship. Now that she’s found a man (blue fae, really) who makes her feel loved, she doesn’t know how to open up for fear of him leaving like her father. She has to learn how to communicate with her mate before he decides she’s not not worth the trouble.

Anodon Hydiox, king of the winged fae, and his people are losing their home to the dark magic quickly taking over the dimension. He doesn’t know who this new powerful being is or how to stop them. But he’s found his queen and there’s nothing he won’t do to provide for her and keep her safe. If that means he ventures into the realm of dark magic to battle forces stronger than him, then so be it.

Will love be enough to keep them together or will outside forces tear them apart?

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