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😈 The devil had other plans . . .

The release date for Chosen by the Devil has been moved up! It’s NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and print, and free with Kindle Unlimited.

I’m sorry for the last minute change in my publication schedule. The new release date for Her Dragon Mate, that was originally set to release today, is now October 22.

Chosen by the Devil

Chosen by the Devil

Unruly Gods, Book 2

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Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
A Real Flame Changer is also available in print.

Book 2 of the Unruly Gods series
Please read in order.

When three gods escaped Olympus, they had no idea how much trouble would come from it.

Daphne is more comfortable with research than magic. The youngest Fate guarding the Gates of Crossing came into her powers late and the only way she can compete with the others is through knowledge. Is it any wonder why she’d fall for the thoughtful and intellectual Hades? Too bad that retreating into her scrolls isn’t helping to snuff out the desires raging inside her for the god.

Hades is desperate to resist his new and unsettling feelings toward the quietest Fate, especially when they’re thrown together on a journey to uncover new information. The bookish Fate is a glowing light in his otherwise dark existence, and he sees that there is more to the raven-haired beauty than she knows. He’s determined to help her harness the full potential of her powers… though he’s losing his heart to her in the process.

When they learn that Zeus has declared the unruly gods and their accomplice Fates as enemies—with their punishment being death—the gods and Fates must band together to come up with a plan. Can Daphne and Hades survive the wrath of the most powerful god? Or will their love be extinguished before it even begins?

This story arc began in book 1, Marked by War, and continues into book 3, Favored by Death.
The resolution will happen in the last book.

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