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Milly Taiden

The last one falls! Iver finally meets his mate in Midnight Mated!

Barb on Goodreads gave MIDNIGHT MATED 5 stars: “The last one falls! Iver finally meets his mate but she actually makes him work for it. […] Absolutely loved this book and this family! Highly recommend!”

Midnight Mated

Midnight Mated

City Wolves, Book 3

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Iver Amana is a simple wolf shifter. All he wants is to promote good nightclubs and liven up the New York City party scene. He doesnโ€™t want a mate or a family. His older brothers have a monopoly on that anyway. Of course, all that changes when he sees a bachelorette dancing in his club. He has to let her, his mate, go before he ever has a chance to be with her.

Jovi Duke hasnโ€™t had a good year. After catching her fiancรฉ cheating with her maid of honor the night before her wedding, she rebuilds her life. She focuses on her teaching career. How was she to know that her studentโ€™s uncle โ€“ the one interested in funding a community outreach program would be the sexy stranger she once danced with?

Iver and Jovi are destined to be together โ€“ if only they give into the attraction between them. But more, their stubborn streaks threaten them. Secrets and jealousy might take away their chance at a happily-ever-after before it even begins.

One comment to “The last one falls! Iver finally meets his mate in Midnight Mated!”

  1. Beverley D Austin
      · November 7th, 2021 at 8:32 pm · Link

    Dear Milly,

    I have been eagerly awaiting this book to be release and love it. Also finished Her Dragon Mate a few days ago and just finished the entire Dragon Guard series over this last month. I can truly say that I’m addicted to reading these series.

    With finishing the Dragon Guard series, I have noticed there are quite a few intermixed other series and was wondering if you had a list of them all, as I have not been able to track some of them down or maybe it’s that some only have 1 book in them so far? Anyway, just wondering if there is a list of them all so I don’t get mixed up and miss reading one of the awesome stories or series.

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. Some days it seems like they are the only brightness in my life.



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