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Milly Taiden

I’ve got a new Alpha Geek for you. Meet Axel! 🔥🤓

A sexy new geek is ready to be alpha. Get ready for some romance…with some RAWR.

Alpha Geek: Axel

Alpha Geek: Axel

Alpha Geeks, Book 8

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After taking a job for the Shifter Protection Agency, Emily Jackson finds herself stepping into a laboratory to protect a brilliant science professor. Even though Axel Snell is scorching hot, he’s just a fragile human who she could break in the throes of passion. Besides, she’s already got her hands full protecting him from would-be assassins. Still, her lioness insist he’s her mate. Great way to start a new job.

Axel can’t believe the twisted turn his life has taken. First, he’s being targeted for wanting to create a cure for diseases. Then, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen is assigned to protect him. Just as he makes a note to himself to check the fraternization policy, everything changes for him—permanently and irreversibly. And now Emily is no longer off-limits. Now, she’s his.

Emily wanted a job she could sink her teeth into, and Axel wanted to be part of changing the future of mankind. With danger at every turn and their romance just blooming, have they both bitten off more than they can chew?

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