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Milly Taiden
Bound by the Howl
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
August 1, 2024
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Elora Dahill lived among humans because her powers of talking to animals was considered mundane. But when she’s kidnapped by a vampire who wants to exploit her powers, she knows she needs help. Her call out gets the attention of a wolf king who’s more than just a good man. He’s hers. Her wolf.

Bastian Threwold is a wolf king. During a run, he hears a plea for help coming through telepathically. Something primal pushes him to find the woman and help her. It isn’t until he sees her face to face he realizes how important she is to him. The woman he meets is like none other he’s met. She’s beautiful, powerful… and his mate.

Bastian saves Elora from the vampire’s clutches, and vows to keep her safe, but will her power’s advantages in battle be too much temptation for the King to ignore? Or will the passion that ignites between them be the real temptation?

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