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Milly Taiden
Chosen by the Alien Dragon
Ava Hunter Books
May 21, 2021
ISBN-13: 9798507340446
ISBN-10: 850734044X

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Seph sees all types of weird things while working at a bar by Area 51. But when a bar fight turns into proof of aliens on earth, her world comes crashing down. Things take a turn for the scary when he kidnaps her. She fights, but he’s not letting her go. And while she’s confused and shocked, she’s not sure she wants him to.

Rulik says she’s his mate and she disagrees. He’s not human. He’s also a liar. So why can’t she stop fantasizing about him and her without clothes on. His attempts at romance are pretty bad, but with every gesture, her heart melts a little more for him.

While Rulik tries to make her see sense during their space travel, a real dilemma sets in. Will these two make a power couple in space? Or will their love be nothing more than cosmic dust?

Find out in this fast paced science fiction romance!

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