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Milly Taiden
Seduced by the Alien Dragon
Ava Hunter Books
September 3, 2021
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Addison is completely out of place at the teacher’s gala, but her students need the grant that’s up for grabs. The event is interrupted, and Addison is abducted only to wake up in a spaceship. She’s been taken by a hot alien who gives her the chance of a lifetime and sends her hormones into meltdown. She’s sure she must be dreaming, especially when the alien’s boss offers her a deal—teach his children in return for a fortune that she can spend on helping her students back home.

Xurid is a Vrilk mercenary, an ex-Stalker for the Regency who now works for an intergalactic trillionaire. Whatever the boss wants, the boss gets, no questions asked. So, when Xurid goes to Earth—breaking all sorts of Regency rules in the process—he abducts the freckle-faced teacher and brings her back to tutor the boss’ children.

Xurid could care less how mad the Regency is with him, but what about his boss? Because Xurid is told to look but not touch, but he’s having a hard time keeping his hands off the auburn-haired beauty. Will his attraction to her—and his suspicion that she’s his fated mate—push him to make even more enemies? And will Addison give in to the romance this alien offers and leave the only world she knows behind forever?

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