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Milly Taiden
Her Dragon Link
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
July 16, 2021
ISBN-13: 9798532831674
ISBN-10: 8532831672

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Dragon-shifter Aelon is known as the intellectual one of his clan. He isn’t looking for a mate. He’s got a lot going on. Like finding the now exposed temple and using its power to awaken all the dragons. They’re being hunted. He flies straight into a woman whose scent buries into his heart. Once she’s in his arms, he knows she’s the one for him.

Fern is a ski instructor that loves her job. But she didn’t expect to get caught up in a blizzard. She’s saved by a dragon. When she touches him for the first time, he turns into a gorgeous man. A shifter. Her heart immediately calls out for him and she struggles to control her need to throw herself at him. And those sizzling looks he gives her are not helping. Not at all.

When he explains his need for her help, she agrees to go with him. She knows he’s on a mission and hates the idea of people hurting the beautiful dragons. Aelon is sweet and kind. The perfect gentleman she wants to get naked. But is that enough to grow a relationship with him?

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