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Milly Taiden
Her Dragon Savior
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
June 4, 2021
ISBN-13: 9798512647004
ISBN-10: 8512647000

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Dragon-shifter Evair awakens to an attack and is wounded as he defends himself. He’s drawn to a beautiful but strong-willed witch who helps him control his power and shifting abilities. But he’s much more interested in finding out how to make her his. And once he gets a taste of her, he knows he’s never letting her go.

Penelope can’t believe the gorgeous dragon needs her. She’s happy to teach him about the new world and help him figure out why he was woken. Love and romance weren’t in the cards. She tries to fight it, but their bond is stronger than she realized. Are they mates? Could he be right? His flaming kisses and warm caresses make her hope he is.

A group of poachers is hunting down Evair’s kind. It’s a race against time to get to them before they kill more of his people. Love blooms in the midst of their battles. Their love will either survive or die crushed in their war for survival.

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