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Milly Taiden
Mated by Night
Latin Goddess Press
December 17, 2014
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A BBW tigress + A hot Alpha wolf = sofa-destroying sexiness!

Ana Cruz is a bold, curvy tigress coming up on her heat. She’s also fighting a battle of wills with an uncooperative copier at her job. That’s the least of her problems. Her main issue is Callum Night. Her boss. Oh, she knows cats and wolves don’t mix, but try telling that to her hormones. When she’s caught red-handed in Callum’s office by the big man himself, events take a turn for the growly kind.

Callum wants Ana’s big, curvy body so bad he can’t think straight. His past experiences with mating have left him bitter. He knows a single taste of Ana might finally get him to change his mind about taking a mate. Finding Ana in his office, smelling so hot pushes his animal to make a decision. Get close to his ultimate fantasy.

Can he move past his thoughts on mating and see a future with Ana or will this be a single night of sofa-destroying heat?

**This BBW short contains raw sexual languages and actions. Translation: it has hot sex and dirty talking. Hope you like that**

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