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Milly Taiden
Taken by Night
Latin Goddess Press
February 4, 2015
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It was supposed to be one night. No strings. No names. Just sex.

Valentina Cruz is a sexy, curvy woman with a new job thanks to her sister and cousin. But with the awesome job comes her heat and desperate need to mate. And she’s out of medicine to help her cope.

Brett Night is going to his hotel when the delicious scent of a tigress in heat stops his wolf on his tracks. With bountiful curves, gorgeous mocha skin and lips made for kissing, she’s exactly what he’d hoped for in a mate. Who cared that they were different species?

After a night of sin, Tina realizes she isn’t just over her heat, she’s got bigger problems at hand. Like the fact her one night stand turns out to be her boss. Unfortunately for her, it appears one night wasn’t really what he had in mind.

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